Monday, 7 November 2016

DVD Roundup: baldness origin story edition

Whoa, what a film. If there is one movie franchise that is in desperate need of a reboot, its the X-Men franchise. Although they did try and reboot it with X-Men: Days of Future Past, by basically wiping out the time line of the previous movies, Apocalypse just goes to prove that this is a franchise that can't redeem itself. Botching up (continuously) Jean Grey's Phoenix power is lamentable enough, but forcing Oscar Issac to play the blandest bad enough is just unacceptable. Watch this only if you have completion anxiety. Listen to our full review in the player below and on itunes.

You like magic, huh? Well Now You See Me 2 is for you! Well, I don't know, we haven't seen the first film, but apparently the ending spoils it. The common consensus is that this sequel only builds on the worst qualities of the first film, with a bloated plot and excessive CGI. I hear that Breaking the Magician's Code is up on Netflix?

White suprematists have a reputation as being a brutal bunch, and rightly so. Earlier this year Green Room showed us a bunch of punks being hunted by neo-Nazi's, and now we have Daniel Radcliffe as an undercover FBI agent trying to infiltrate a white suprematist group. The twist? He actually starts becoming attached to these people. Maybe slightly predictable, but Imperium at least seems like it could generate some interesting character conflict.

A mondo movie about the brutal violence, The Killing of America was never widely distributed in its home country, and has only recently found its way to DVD. First released in 1982, this documentary contains a lot of actual murder, and interviews with murderers themselves, and attempts to understand why the murder rate is so high in the US. While maybe not an in depth documentary, The Killing of America will be an interesting watch for those who are interested in mondo and a contemporary look into the US's troubled relationship with guns.

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