Sunday, 9 October 2016

Halloween Horror: Richee's Thought's on Outlast 2 Demo

So one of the scariest games of 2014 is getting a sequel in 2017. To get excited for the sequel, Red Barrels, the developers and publishers, have released a free demo to get us properly terrified. This time you play as journalist Blake Langermann who's in Arizona with his wife, reporting on a murder of a pregnant woman. The demo starts with Blake falling down a cliff face picking up his glasses and camera, out to find his wife.

Starting you off in a shanty town village, similar to that of Resident Evil 4, you make your way through the eerie town. The towns folk watch you from a distance as they whisper among themselves. You find a couple of disturbing things happening in the town, so you know that shit ain't safe. You end up at a well. As you peek in to it, things take a turn for the weirder. You end up in a school where spectral creatures rush past you, opening and slamming lockers as they go.

You don't spend long in the school before you're pulled back into the scary shanty town, being chased through a cron field, which was legitimately terrifying as you slowly sneak through the corn and the crazy villagers hunt you with machetes and torches. You can't sneak around though, as one of the villagers is guarding the exit, which is a stack of pallets next to a fence. As you scale the fence, they give chase, instantly forcing you to just sprint through the town until you fall down a small cliff, reminiscent of what happened at the start of the demo, minus one subtle detail.
I equally loved and hated the original. It looked amazing and played well, but on the other hand was too scary, which, in it's defence, is a good thing for its genre. I never finished the original, as I started playing it later in it's life and other games distracted me (that plus I'm a chicken). Playing through this demo reminded me so much of the original, with all the aspects returning: the camera being your only source of light again, with it's draining battery all ways in the back of your mind. That, and with it's eerie infrared light it makes the town folks even more creepier with there eyes lighting up. I said to Layla, "who would have known that all you had to do was take away your ability to defend yourself to make a game that much more terrifying".

I loved this demo and would highly recommend it. The game seems more surreal then the original, with Langermann being pulled through different area's/realities, and adding ghosts and monsters to the crazy town's people really ramps up the shock factor. If you think I've ruined this for you, don't worry, there is so much more to experience. I jumped at least four times, and the atmosphere had me constantly on edge.

So yeah, go download the demo, it's only about twenty to thirty minutes long and is a truly scary experience. Richee

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