Saturday, 15 October 2016

Richee's Pokemon Diamond Nuzlocke #7

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So challenging for my third gym badge I have Bronzy out first, hoping he'll be able to stroll through the gym. Unfortunately, that thought was squashed early. At level 25, Bronzy went up against a level 28 Meditite. I was forced to switch out multiple times to bring Meditite down. The next scrub trainer in the gym had a Machoke out first. It took three attacks with extrasensory (Bronzy's strongest psychic attack) to take him down. I left Bronzy out there to see him fall to the next Machoke, who used revenge to do the job.

The fall of Bronzy was the least I've ever cared about any Pokemon from my team. I was excited to get him, but his special attack was so weak, I'm better of with out him. I retrieved Medipow at the pitiful level 16 and slap the exp share on him to hopefully grind a few levels. I switch Star Cat out first, as he is my joint strongest, along with Dr Zaius on level 25, and I fight my way to another scrub trainer, who has a Goldeen. Easy experience, or so I thought. The Goldeen used horn drill, a move which is a one hit K.O. no matter what it's against. This move is a rarity. It has a low chance to hit and  is learnt usually at a higher level, but I've come to expect this level of bullshit from Sinnoh.
Unlike Bronzy, the loss of Star Cat really pissed me off. I've had him for a long time and he has been one of my few decent performers, and to lose him to horn FUCKING drill... So after defeating the Goldeen, I head back to the day care to get Hot Streak, whose at level 19 (yay!). I get back to the third gym, where only Maylene, the gym leader, remains. Beaten and battered after the losses of Kazza and Goldie from the lost tower, and now the loss of Star Cat, my team is: Dr Zaius and Buddy on level 25, Mighty Max and Beetle Bob on level 24, Hot streak level 19 and Medipow on level 16.

I switched Beetle Bob in first to take on a level 28 Meditite. I slowly chipped away at Meditite's health as much as I could, as Maylene got her Meditite to use brick break then detect repeatedly until Beetle Bob was defeated. I switched in Buddy, who got a big hit on Meditite, only for Maylene to use hyper potion on her next go. Brick break is doing huge damage, so I use stun spore to give me a slight advantage, but it misses, and brick break kills Buddy. I send in Dr Zaius to bring brick break back again, whittling down Meditite, only for Maylene to use another hyper potion before I got the final hit off.
Dr Zaius managed to bring down Meditite in the end, at least I'm not going down with out a fight. Machoke on level 27 is Maylene's second Pokemon. Dr Zaius got one brick break off before Machoke used rock throw and defeated my starter. Farewell, Dr Zaius. Mighty Max some how pulled it out the bag and took down Machoke. One to go, with three remaining. Maylene's third Pokemon was a level 30 Lucario. Sweet, only six levels in difference. I'm forced to switch my now level 17 Medipow into the battle, as Max is in a bad way. Bone rush one hit Medipow before he could get an attack in. Hot streak doesn't fair any better, being defeated by drain punch in one hit. 

Mighty Max comes back out to take a force palm and hit the ground. My team wiped on the third gym. No excuses, I just didn't have the luck with what Pokemon appeared. That, plus Pokemon knowing moves they shouldn't know. And Pokemon being evolved at super early levels. And the massive hike in levels at the third gym, going from level 22-24 to head into a gym with level 26-30. I'm done. I need a holiday. Richee

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