Saturday, 8 October 2016

Richees Pokemon Diamond Nuzlocke #6

 The background photo is by Jeff Wickliffe and shows the Devil's Tower of Alpine, NJ. It can be found here.

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So I've stumbled across the Lost Tower, sounds mysterious. The trainers seem tougher then I thought they would be. I went up against Pokefan Rebekah, and her first Pokemon Bonsly goes up against Kazza. Bonsly survived confusion then one hit Kazza with flail... that hurt. Kazza had become one of my strongest Pokemon, and now he's gone. Goldie finishes him off and I head onto my next battle, which was double battle. Goldie and Buddy went up against Ponyta and Buizel. Buizel survives a mega drain then uses water gun to one hit Goldie, taking down another of my strongest team members. I defeat them both and flee the lost tower.

I release Kazza and store Goldie in the last box. I got Spike back out and Mighty Max, then we head back to the Lost Tower. I need to see what the point of this is. I only need to defeat one more pair of trainers to reach the top and reach my prize HM 04 Strength. Well, that was not worth the losses I suffered. I reach Solaceon Town and store Hot Streak and Bee into the day care. I head into the ruins but can't find any Pokemon.

I accidentally defeat Mime Jr in the next area, hindering my progress of creating a team. Bronzy is proving to be a massive let down, as his attack power is pitiful. He should be one hitting fighting types with his psychic attacks, but it's taking two. I take a beating on the way to Veilstone, coming up against a damn Gyrados, but I manage to get past it with out losing anyone else.
I bump into May, who is bunking off her training to do some shopping. I push on to route 214 to see what I can catch. Kricetune pops up first to take on Spike. I started off slowly against Kricketune, wanting to make sure I catch him as I can't afford to miss another Pokemon. Kricetune uses fury cutter for little damage, so I carry on softening him up he uses fury cutter again, doing a bit more damage. I throw my first ball, Kricketune kicks out, and uses fury cutter, hitting again this time with a critical hit. Spike can take one more hit, plus fury cutter has a lower chance to hit then other moves so I throw another ball.

Kricketune again kicks out, and again uses fury cutter for it to critical hit and defeat Spike. Honestly, this place is sucking the life out of me with all it's bullshit. I send in Bronzy, who is strong against bug types. It takes 2 more balls to catch it, and it's next two fury cutter hits nearly defeat Bronzy. I've never known fury cutter to hit six times in a bloody row. I name him Beetle Bob and head back to Veilstone to challenge for my third gym badge.

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