Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Richees Pokemon Diamond Nuzlocke #5

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So I slapped the exp share on Spike and headed to route 211, where I caught a Meditite and named him MediPow. I stuck around route 211 to level up Spike until he evolved from Wurmple to Dustox. I completed cycle road to reach route 206, enough time to catch a new Pokepal. First to pop up on 206 was Ponyta to give me a pretty awesome fire back up. I caught him with little effort and named him Hot Streak. I then find my way to the Wayward Cave where I can catch another pal, and I get super lucky with Bronzor. I name him Bronzy. With my own Steel-Psychic type, I will be unbeatable.

So I get back on to route 207 some how and bump into Dawn, who gives me a VS Seeker, which will allow me to battle trainers I've all ready beaten. I take Bronzy out for Spike and make my way to Mt Coronet, where I catch another Machop. This one I'll keep, and I name him Mighty Max. I'm starting to think I might be getting a bit too fighting-type top-heavy, which is concerning after my previous failure when I had too many poison types.
I get through Mt Coronet with no issues and end up on route 208, where I get the opportunity to catch another Machop. I pass up the chance though, and just beat him instead. I bump into some numpties chatting about Pokemon Contests. I ignore them and carry on, where I bumped into my "rival" Chris. He has improved his team; along with Starly he now has Roselia, Ponyta and Prinplup. It didn't help Chris though, as I easily swept pass his team.

More people block the way I want to go, chatting about contests, so I head the only way I can, route 209. Hoping for something that isn't a fighting type, I get something worse, a Bibarel. Ugh, I catch the stupid looking git and name her Bee. A handful of steps later, a Chansey pops up to just crush me. Damn you, Bee! I got myself a good rod and started battling some trainers. A puny Cleffa? Ha! This won't take Goldie long, then magical leaf nearly one hit Goldie leaving her with 2 hp. I quickly switch in Dr Zaius to take care of Cleffa and head on my way. Richee

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