Sunday, 2 October 2016

Richees Pokemon Diamond Nuzlocke #4

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My adventure continues down route 205, where I catch the poor man's Pikachu in Pachirisu. It took three poke balls, but I caught the jerk and named her Sandy. I lost Shikaka in a random battle against a Shinx at level 12 who used Spark. My level 12 Shinx (Star Cat) doesn't fucking know spark. How does this random Shinx know spark?? We defeated the Shinx with Goldie then got WEAZLE out. I reached Eterna Forest and met Cheryl, another trainer who wants to team up for the forest. I caught a Wurmple pretty quickly and named him Spike. I levelled up Star Cat to 13 and he learned Spark.

Cheryl proves to be a helpful ally, and I grind up Star Cat until he evolved into Luxio. We reach the exit and, to my dismay, Cheryl leaves me at the exit of the forest. The other end of forest led back onto route 205. It doesn't take long to reach Eterna City, where I meet Cynthia for the first time. She gives me an exp share, which is an older model so it can only train one Pokemon at a time, rather then the group.
I give Kazza the exp share and head to the next gym. As I fight my way through the trainers, Kazza evolves into Kadabra. I reach Gardenia and easily dispose of her Cherubi and Turtwig with Dr Zaius and flame wheel. Next up is Roserade on level 22, three levels higher then Zaius. I stick with flame wheel and it defeats the Roserade in two hits, and I get my second badge. Things are starting to look up.

I bump in to another Galactic Grunt and his Kadabra critical hits WEAZLE, He did not last long. Star Cat finishes Kadabra off with bite. I withdraw Spike for WEAZLE and carry on battling team Galactic until I reach Commander Jupiter, hoping he wouldn't be another cheat like Mars. He has a Skuntank but Goldie rocked his world and I dealt with the Galactic losers again. Richee

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