Friday, 28 October 2016

October Loot Crate DX Horror theme - review

So this month I was intrigued by Loot Crate's Horror theme. Having items from classics The Thing and Evil Dead 2, plus Ash vs The Evil Dead merch. I ordered the box, costing £75. I haven't ordered a Loot Crate since the Fallout 4 special edition, which left me a bit disappointed. 

So first up is my favourite item of the box, a Walking Dead mug, which has a zombie coming out of the middle of it. I wasn't expecting anything from The Walking Dead, so it was a nice edition. I also received a cool Scream jumper based around Edvard Munch and his Scream painting, with the ghost face killer in the place of the screaming man.

The reason I ordered this though was for The Thing and Evil Dead 2. First up is The Thing, which is a model of the conjoined alien monster from both the original and prequel. The model is nice, but I was hoping for something more, as that was the first announcement for the box. The Evil Dead 2 was a limited edition print of Ash in all his groovy ways.

Unfortunately, The Ash Vs The Evil Dead item was a custom usb shaped like Ash's famous chainsaw. The sixth item was of the Hellraiser lead character Pinhead head, in front of the puzzle box, as a badge. Also got a bonus item in the Delirium magazine, which is an awesome magazine, and one I've never seen before.

So all in all, I'm left wanting from Loot Crate yet again. With the two best items, I probably wouldn't have brought them. As cool as the mug is, I have a load of nerd mugs as it is. Then with the jumper, I like it, but wouldn't spend too much on it. The three items I ordered the crate for were a let down. I like both The Thing and the Evil Dead 2 items, but really wanted more. I also have no use for custom usb or a Pinhead badge (not a fan of badges). 

So it wasn't enough to keep me subscribed for the month of November, which is magic themed. I love the idea of Loot Crate, but feel that with the price of it, it's just not worth the six random items, which, lets face it, you're never gonna be happy with all six items. I'd much rather just head out on a nerdy shopping trip and spend £75 on things I want, rather then a few things I might want. But that's just my opinion. Loot Crate has got such a large fan base, people must love the surprise of a mystery box. End of the day, who doesn't like a nice surprise.

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