Saturday, 22 October 2016

Mascots (2016) Netflix Review

Netflix are at it again, luckily this time though Adam Sandler is no where in sight. This comedy mockumentary follows the lives of a handful of mascots looking to win an award for being the best mascot. The film also managed to get Chris O'Dowd in a small role, so they have one good actor, plus a solid director in Christopher Guest (The Princess Bride and This is Spinal Tap).

So a collection of mascots across the world come together to win the Golden Fluffy. The competition is also looking to get televised, to be more prestigious, while having to cope with furry's who have infiltrated the event to get their kicks. The story follows the struggles of five mascots and their journey to the awards.

That's the basic story, and everything else is the mascots being awkward or performing their shows. Chris O'Dowd is good as The Fist, but he is only a supporting character to the main five. The main five are a husband and wife team, playing an octopus and a turtle, an awkward guy who's a plumber, a dancer who dresses like an aardvark, and an Englishman trying to break out of his fathers shadow to be the best mascot he can be, dressed like Sid the Hedgehog. 
None of the jokes are that funny, which is the main problem here. The awkward performances among the main five only highlight that they're all a bit shit, apart from the Englishman, who has an entertaining show with a new daring stunt to set him apart from as the best Sid.

So yet again, Netflix fall short with their original film, trying to work in the same vein as The Office and other cringe worthy comedies. This one falls short by a long way, and although the acting isn't bad, it's just that the characters aren't that interesting. The story should have been focused on one or two of the acts, rather then the four. Make the awkward guy and the dancer bit parts like The Fist, and focus mainly on the married couple and the English guy, as they have the more fleshed out stories.

Final rating: a 3/10. Not the worst Netflix has to offer, but still not good. If you like awkward comedies give it a go, but for every one else there's not much here to keep you interested in the hour and a half running time. Richee

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