Friday, 14 October 2016

Let's be Cops (2014) Netflix Review

So in 2014 Let's Be Cops came out looking like a mediocre silly film that Layla wouldn't let me watch. Well now it's on Netflix so I was able to sit down and check it out. Staring Jake Johnson as Ryan, a failed football star who's currently unemployed and lives with best friend Justin, played by Daman Wayans Jr., a game developer struggling to get any where in his job. The two get invited to a reunion with what Ryan thinks is a fancy dress twist, so they go as dressed as cops, as Justin has the uniforms due to his game he is trying to get made.

As the two arrive they find out it is actually a masquerade ball, slightly embarrassed they leave the party early and walk home. On the way people act differently towards them, as they think they're real cops. After fooling actual cops, the two carry on pretending to be the actual police. They end up running into some Russian mobsters and chase them off. Ryan enjoys his new role as an officer, and ends up buying a police car and stickers for it from the internet.
Ryan even picks up a police scanner, so they can report to certain call outs, like college girls having a domestic disturbance, for instance. While they're enjoying their new roles, the mobsters have taken an interest in them and there actions. After the Mob boss Mossi (James D'Arcy) threatens them, they get in even deeper with the cop antics, as an actual cop Segars (Rob Riggle) gives them the equipment to stake out Mossi and his gang, and get evidence on their wrong doings.

The film's story was a lot more in depth then I expected it to be. I was expecting it to be less interesting, and just revolving around are two leads silly antics. But while that does happen, it's not the bulk of the film, which does have an interesting concept, if done multiple times before. Both leads were entertaining and played well of each other, with Jake Johnson as the carefree loser and Daman Wayans Jr. as the camp, uptight underachiever.

All in all, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this film. Funny and entertaining, I'd recommend it to those who want a silly but engaging film. It's got some big laughs and doesn't bore at any point. I'd give this film a 7/10. It's been done before, but when it's done well, who cares. Richee

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