Sunday, 2 October 2016

Halloween Horror: Slayer made a bad ass short film

Back in September last year, Slayer released the music video for Repentless. The video focuses on a prison riot caused by an inmate, played by Jason Trost. The inmate starts the riot in order to get his hands on another inmate on his block. Repentless features graphic violence which wouldn't look out of place in a high budget horror movie, while the thrash metal of Slayer carries the bloody story forward, as they play in front of the inmates in the yard. What I thought was just a bad ass video would extend it's story even further.

In March earlier this year, You Against You was released, taking place one week before the prison riot. The story starts with Jason Trost finding a dead man stabbed with a whole lot of knives in a diner. He finds a note on the dead man, written on the back of a picture of a young pregnant woman. He is jumped by some goons who he fights throughout the video, killing all those in his way, until he is blind sided by one of the goons, and has the note taken off him. He gets rescued by the possible owner of the diner, but can't catch up with the goons who took the note and is then arrested. Slayer again play through out in an air plane graveyard (think a smaller scale than Con Air). I again enjoyed this video; its choreography in the fight scenes were well executed, and again plenty of bloody violence.

I decided to show Layla these two video's near the end of September, only to discover they had released the third part of the trilogy in the video Pride in Prejudice. The story takes place two months after the prison riot, and opens with a family at Christmas. The father receives the news about the riot and doesn't look too pleased. Some guards extract Jason Trost and another inmate from there cells and kidnap them. Finding himself in a basement with the other inmate, we find out those damn Nazis are to blame for his kidnapping. They present a knife to him and instruct him to kill the other inmate, played by the awesome Danny Trejo (who also had a cameo in Relentless).
Refusing to kill Trejo, the Nazi grunt pulls out a hooded figure and cuts her throat, taking the hood off to reveal the pregnant woman from the picture. The Nazi plunges his knife into the woman's stomach before Trost can stop him. Trost literally guts the Nazi, then murders two other guards before freeing the bound Trejo to murder the family upstairs. As he cradles the dead woman we see a picture of him in the Nazis house, implying that he was once a member who got kicked out and attacked for starting a relationship with the woman. This time Slayer play in the snow as blood seeps out of the the amps.

All three of the videos go on for about 17 minutes, and I would go as far to say these videos are some of the best music videos ever. Directed by BJ McDonnell, they have cameos through out, plus the awesome Danny Trejo, and amazing practical effects, all to the brilliance of Slayer at their best. The songs kinda follow the story as, Repentless is about living fast and obviously being repentless, You Against You is about being betrayed and how he wasn't looking for a fight but now he is turning up tonight, and Pride in Prejudice talks about the abuse of power and the blood of the innocent that comes with all wars.

If you are a fan of metal and you have yet to see the entire trilogy, I'd highly recommend this collection. If I had to rate this, I'd go 9/10: the music and videos compliment each other so well, and it conveys the story well without resorting to dialogue. If more music videos were like this, I'd watch music videos a lot more. Richee

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