Monday, 10 October 2016

DVD Roundup: Big in China edition

I imagine there was people that wither really wanted to see Duncan Jones' Warcraft, and those that really didn't want too. Based on the popular games by Blizzard, the battle of humans and orcs may of seemed just a little too impenetrable for the layman to warrant splashing cinema prices on, leading Warcraft to be one of the few Hollywood films that has made more money in China than it did in the US, and became one of China's most anticipated films in the pre-sale market. Time will only tell how popular the film will be in DVD and download sales.

Our khaleesi stars as a brunette in this melodramatic/kinda comedic romance, where Emilia Clarke plays a carer to banker who was left paralysed from an accident. Obviously, Me Before You is gonna be kinda kooky and slightly heartbreaking in places, cos that's what these kind of movies do. I imagine you'll enjoy this if you enjoy rom-coms, but if Clarke ain't riding no dragons, then I don't care.

With a title like The Greasy Strangler, you are automatically made to imagine the nasty, slimy appearance of the films antagonist. Released on cinema's on Friday, Jim Hosking's weirdo film antics are now out on DVD, so if you don't want to seen as the kind of person that enjoys seeing fake penis', in what Rolling Stone has called the "most disgusting movie" of 2016, then you can discreetly download and enjoy it at home.

Although the cover may make this look like a Halloween film, Holidays actually depicts all the different Hallmark events during the year, from Valentine's Day to New Years Eve, with each segment directed by a different director. Each segment, however, it horror themed. Kevin Smith is maybe one of the bigger names, directing his daughter Harley Quinn in the Halloween segment.

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