Thursday, 29 September 2016

Richees Pokemon Diamond Nuzlocke #3

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So with a full team, I head into Oreburgh Gym to tackle Roark, the rock gym leader. I put Buddy up front. The type advantage is a nice bonus, and it made the whole match easier, as Buddy and mega drain one hit all of Roark's Pokemon, getting my first badge.

Continuing my journey I headed onto route 207, where a Machop appeared. There was a trainer back in Oreburgh looking to trade an Abra for a Machop, so heading back to get an Abra. I named Machop Mr Muscle then traded him for Kazza. I then bumped into a new team of ass hats named Team Galactic (at least there not wearing red this time). So dealing with the new grunts, Goldie went up against a Clefairy. Clefairy forced me to switch in Buddy after Clefairy hit double slap 4 times, with each one hitting 4 to 5 times. So Buddy went out and cleared up to reach level 15, while the rest of the team lag behind.

Reaching route 204 I accidentally defeated the Kricketot that appeared. I reached Floaroma Town, where more Galactic jerks are up to no good. I headed into the Wind Works to find Commander Mars, the leader of these plebs. I have Goldie out first at level 12 to take on Mars with her Zubat at level 14. Rollout defeated Zubat on the second hit, but Zubat poisoned Goldie before it fainted.
I switch her out for Buddy, level 15, to take on Mars and her Purugly on level 16. Buddy used stun spore to paralyse Purugly, who used faint attack to nearly one hit Buddy, leaving him with 3 health. I then switched in Shikaka to hit confuse ray, but got hit with a scratch which nearly also one hit Shikaka. Next up is Dr Zaius with rock smash. Purugly shrugged off the confusion in one go and hit faint attack, which did more damage then I would have liked. Three more hits with rock smash defeated Purugly. Luckily he got paralysed for two of those goes,as if he hadn't, Dr Zaius would have been defeated, as he finished up with 4 health.

With Commander Mars defeated, she leaves the Wind Works. How she got a Purugly at level 16 is BS. With that win though, Dr Zaius went up to level 14 and evolved into Monferno. I headed out into the Floaroma Town and managed to catch a Buizel and named him WEAZLE. Richee

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