Saturday, 24 September 2016

Richee's Pokemon Diamond Nuzlocke #2

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So continuing down route 202, I came across my second battle, some Lass named Natalie. She sent out a weak Bidoof. I sent out Starla to make up for her earlier hiccup. The match started, both of us using tackle, and Bidoof's was a critical hit which one hit Starla. I sent out Star Cat to see what he can do and he wipes out both of Natalie's Bidoofs.

I got to Jubilife City and quickly made my way to route 204. The first Pokemon to appear was a Budew, who I easily caught and named Buddy. I bumped into a guy who gave me an old rod, and I headed to route 218 to catch me some water Pokemon. After ten failed casts with nothing biting, I decided to move on. I headed on to a ravaged path to add to my team. Just my luck the first Pokemon to appear was a Zubat. Again, easily caught, and I named him Shikaka, adding five to my team now.

After making it through the path I reached route 203, where Chris was waiting for me, ready to start our iconic rivalry. Chris sent out his Starly to face Dr Zaius. It only took two embers to bring Starly down, who got of a tackle and a quick attack before fainting. Chris sent out Piplup and I switched in one of my latest edition's, Buddy. Piplup used growl while I power up Buddy with growth, then absorb wiped out Piplup, giving me the first win of our many battles.

My luck finally came in with an Abra appearing on route 203. I know I only have one chance to catch him before he teleports away. I opted for a premier ball: one wiggle, two wiggle, and pow! He popped out and teleported away. Noooooooooooooooooo! Failing the catch I reached Oreburgh city. I headed to the cave/mine to catch my sixth team member. A Geodude appeared and I caught her with ease, naming her Rokzanne I now have a whole team.

I carried on exploring the mine, when for the first time in my nearly twenty years of Pokemon hunting/ training, I came across my first shiny in the form of a Geodude. My excitement got the better of me and Bucky got defeated after he used three growls. I then switched in Buddy to use stun spore. I switched in Rokzanne to tackle the shiny Geodude down to below half health, as I didn't want to risk a critical hit. I used a dusk ball to catch my first ever shiny Pokemon ever. It's a nice coincidence that one of my favourite gen 1 Pokemon is my first ever shiny. I name her Goldie. Richee

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