Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Richee's Pokemon Diamond Nuzlocke #1

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So after falling at the last hurdle, I decided to head to Sinnoh where my friend Chris lives. Upon reaching his home town of Sandgem Town, Chris is already heading out to Lake Verity front, where something is apparently going down. We're not the first ones to reach the lake, as some old geezer who looks suspiciously like a professor is already there with I'm guessing his granddaughter. They left when we arrived (a bit rude) but forgot their bag. Chris, with so called good intentions, went to retrieve the bag, but got attacked by two Starlys dragging me into the battle.

With no Pokemon on us we were forced to look in the old man's bag (ooh err) to find three Pokeballs. The first one contained Turtwig, the second a Chimchar, and the third a Piplup. I took a minute to throw my D12, 1-4 for Turtwig, 5-8 Chimchar and 9-12 Piplup: I rolled a 5 to get myself the fire monkey Chimchar. Chris opted for the water penguin Piplup for the sole reason he has a type advantage over me. We easily dealt with the Starlys then tried to catch up with the old man.
Dawn, the girl who was with the professor, was coming back for the bag when we bumped into her. Dawn was worried that we had tainted the Pokemon, then ran off. Chris went after her, while I plodded along behind them at my own pace. I caught up with the old guy, who is Professor Rowan. He recognised my greatness and entrusted Chimchar to me, so I named Chimchar Dr Zaius. I also got some Pokeballs so I can start putting together my championship team for Sinnoh.

I headed back to the lake to see what I can catch, and my worst nightmare came true; a Bidoof appeared. I caught him even though Bidoof's suck, naming him Bucky. I then reached route 201 (must have missed route 1 through 200), and a Starly popped up again, easily caught named her, and named her Starla. I pushed on to route 202 and caught a Shinx (Star Cat). The team is coming together and I've got multiple types so that's useful. I met youngster Tristan, who challenged me to my first Sinnoh battle. His Starly hit a critical hit on my Starla forcing me to switch out for Buddy, who didn't fair any better so I put in Dr Zaius to defeat the Starly and win my first battle, at the realisation that my team sucks pretty hard. Apart from Dr Zaius, of course. Richee

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