Monday, 26 September 2016

DVD Roundup: Screaming Gosling edition

Maybe in retrospect I was a little bit harsh on this film, expecting more of the corrupt government plot and its details, but if you choose to pay less attention to that, Shane Black's The Nice Guys is a pretty successful tragi-comedy set in seedy 70s LA. Ryan Gosling is quite obviously a repressed comedic actor, excelling in his part as a squealing private investigator, always trying to be the hero, and always failing. A genuinely funny film, check out our podcast review in the player below.

Carrying on with Criterion's expansion into the UK market, their latest edition includes the classic 1942 horror Cat People, and of which their edition includes a feature length documentary of its director Jacques Tourneur. I'll come right out and say it; this film isn'f for everyone. Although this is a horror, it is based in the early 1940s, so their is no blood and gore, and is pretty tame by today's standards. However, it did set up many of the tropes now used in horror today, especially the Lewton Bus. Richard and I had quite opposing views to this film, so check out our podcast review below to see if its something that'll interest you.

Based on the Jane Austen story Lady Susan, Love & Friendship sees Kate Beckinsale plays the calculating Lady Susan, looking to marry the man originally set up for her daughter so she can live with plenty of money. Although released with little fanfare, Love & Friendship did well with the critics, who praised its humour. However, if period dramas are not your thing, then the Regency language and sensibilities may obscure many of the jokes.

With over 15 million subscribers between the two of them, Olajide Olatunji (KSI) and Caspar Lee are hoping to bring some of their online fans to this straight-to-DVD caper, which seems them adhere to one of the major worries of cinema's young men: trying to get laid. The twist, they're foreign exchange students in America who get kidnapped on their last day! Will they ever get laid? What lessons will they learn? Or will they just die in a nasty and grizzly way? I guess you'll have to watch to find out.

This weeks re-release of the week go to two cult horror classics: 1988's Slugs and 1971's Psychomania. Slugs is exactly what you think it is, a horror movie where a village is infested by killer slugs. Really, poster artists don not get the credit they deserve. This film sounds ridiculous, but that poster makes it look incredible. Psychomania (also called The Death Wheelers) tells the tale of a biker gang called the Living Dead who sell their souls to the devil for eternal life, then go on a mad murder rampage. The latter is released by the BFI, so there's loads of bonus stuff, including a trivia track by the Wilson Bros.

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