Thursday, 25 August 2016

Richee's SummerSlam 2016 Moments

Well, SummerSlam happened and what a mishmash of a show it was. With more low points then highs, and which culminated in what seemed like a real fight over a wrestling match. But lets get the list started.
Shock of the Night - The main event. I was expecting Rollins vs Finn to be the main event, but nope, instead we got a shoot fight between Lesnar and Orton. The match was strange, as both men kinda just went at it with only the one real spot on the commentary table. The match then turned into a pretty barbaric event, with Brock busting Orton open with his elbow, leaving Orton with 10 staples in his head, and a very bloody ending.
Match of the Night - John Cena vs A.J. Styles, in what was a great match told superbly with great spots and too many close calls to count. Seeing A.J. kicking out of the super AA was a shock in itself. And now A.J. is done with the face that runs the place he can start focusing on the World Heavyweight Title. While Cena can find his next opponent to have superb matches with, as much as Cena sucks he always performs, and you gotta give him respect for that.
Rage Inducing Moment of the Night - Roman Reigns vs Rusev in the match that never was. Rusev jumped Reigns before the bell rung, then Reigns got the upper hand and beat on the Bulgarian brute. This just seemed like a wasted segment between two good workers who could put on a hell of a match, but they don't want Rusev to go over Reigns, so they just had them fight on the outside for a bit. In a show that's four hours long I really wouldn't have missed this pointless segment.
Moment of the Night - That package suplex by Seth Rollins. I've never seen this move before but it was the most exciting moment for me. I'm a big fan of suplex's and expecting to see a good old fisherman suplex by Rollins, I was shocked when he hooked Finn's other leg to get a small package type roll up slam. The match was good, but that one move has stuck with me. Here's hoping Rollins starts doing this more often.
Rage Inducing Moment of the Night #2 - Just the wasted time. This show felt so long and dragged out. I don't know why they feel the need to introduce the other announce tables; as much as I wish Funaki was on the English speaking announce table, I don't care that he is announcing for the Japanese audience. I'm aware this has happened in the last few pay per views, but it really stood out in this show because it was so mediocre.
Sad Moment of the Night - Sasha Banks getting dropped. As Charlotte went for a side walk slam from the second rope, Sasha slipped from her grasp, landing really awkwardly and looking legit hurt through out the rest of the match. Sasha would go on to complete the match but lose the title. Hopefully Sasha won't be gone for too long because the Women's Division loses something with out the Boss.

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