Saturday, 13 August 2016

Richee's Omega Ruby Nuzlocke Finale

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So my team for the last two battles is Magik on level 33, Blue Meanie and Z-Z Batz on level 57, and Miss Stinky on level 58. I switch Blue Meanie out first for the remaining member of the Elite Four.
Drake focuses on dragon types, so with Meanie I have both an advantage and disadvantage. Meanie goes up against Altaria. First I use my mega stone to make Blue Meanie the almighty Mega Blue Meanie. One dragon pulse is all I need to take down Altaria. The rest of the battle continues in this vain as Salamence, Kingdra and Flygon all go down to Mega Blue Meanie.

With the Elite Four out the way, all that's left is the champion Steven. I keep Blue Meanie out first to go mega as soon as possible, and Steven sends out Skarmory. I mega evolve and use surf for massive damage. The Skarmory hits steel wing, one more surf defeats Skarmory. One down, five to go. Up next is Aggron. I stick with surf, but Aggron's sturdy ability kept it alive, allowing it to hit dragon claw for damage I can't afford to take. Steven uses a full restore. Mega Meanie uses waterfall then surf to take him down.
Two down, but Mega Meanie is in a bad way. I leave him in against Armaldo and it pays off, with surf one hitting him. Claydol is up next. Sticking with surf takes a lot of health from Claydol, but doesn't one hit him, allowing him to use reflect. I breathe a huge sigh of relief, as an attack may have finished Mega Meanie off. Before I can use surf, Steven uses another full restore. I finish him off with a waterfall. Two to go. Cradily is up next. I switch Mega Meanie out for a breather and put in Miss Stinky. Miss Stinky uses flamethrower for a dismal amount of damage, and Cradily uses confuse ray. I switch in Z-Z Batz, who took ancient power for massive damage. Z-Z uses acrobatics to do a bit more damage then flamethrower, but not much. Cradily uses confuse ray again. I switch back in Miss Stinky to take an ancient power, which doesn't do to much damage. Flamethrower chips a bit more life off of Cradily, who then used confuse ray again. Seriously, fuck you Steven. Out goes Z-Z Batz again to take ancient power, taking him down to 19 health points. One more acrobatics finishes off Cradily.
So Steven is down to his last Pokemon. Four vs One. I switch in Mega Blue Meanie. Steven uses Metagross, but not just any Metagross, a Mega Metagross. Before Meanie can hit surf. Metagross uses bullet punch to knock out Blue Meanie. Okay Miss Stinky, lets hope flamethrower can do a bit more damage here. I don't find out though, as Miss Stinky is taken down by zen headbutt. Magik, it's your time to shine. Unfortunatly, the strength between the two is too much, and giga impact defeats Magik. I'm down to my last Pokemon, Z-Z Batz, who has only 19 health. Z-Z gets a free attack as Metagross needs to recover after giga impact. Acrobatics does next to no damage and Mega Metagross used bullet punch to defeat Z-Z Batz.

I've lost at the final hurdle, making me wonder what would have been if I got through the elite four with my entire gym. I release my team. I've failed them. Defeated and dejected, I leave Hoenn in shame to find my next challenge. Richee

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