Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Richee's Omega Ruby Nuzlocke #14

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The second member of the Elite Four is Phoebe, a trainer of the spooky ghost type Pokemon. I have my spookiest team member out first in Z-Z Batz to take on Phoebes Dusclops. Z-Z uses bite to do some damage, but Dusclops uses the move that has been annoying me through this entire playthrough in confuse ray. Next move and Z-Z hits himself while Dusclops uses curse to now curse Z-Z. I switch in Shellhead, as Phoebe uses a hyper potion. X-scissor does very little damage as Dusclop uses future sight. Earthquake hits a critical hit on Dusclops, wiping him out.
I switch in Miss Stinky to take on Sableye. Assurance takes a huge chunk of Sableyes health. Sableye then used foul play, which doesn't do much, but the future sight also hits, taking Miss Stinky down to 36 hp. I switch Z-Z back in, but Sableye uses assurance which takes Z-Z down to 43 health. Being forced to switch out again, I send in Shellhead, who takes power gem for a bit of damage. I use x-scissor to defeat sableye.

Banette is up next to take on Shellhead. I stick with x-scissor to take Banette down to half life. Banette uses grudge, which I'm completely perplexed by as I can't recall this move. I stick with x-scissor to take down Banette, only to find out that grudge makes you lose more power points. Another Banette is sent out by Phoebe to take on Shellhead. A quick earthquake nearly one hits Banette. Phoebe uses full restore on Banette so I use metal claw, then earthquake to take Banette down. Phoebe's last Pokemon is Dusknoir. I switch in Blue Meanie to use Psychic for massive damage. Dusknoir uses ice punch for a big hit also. One more psychic finishes of Dusknoir and Phoebe.
Half way through the Elite Four, I heal up and head for my next opponent in Glacia, the ice trainer. I have Miss Stinky out first to take on Glacia's Glalie. Glalie uses light screen. Stinky uses flamethrower: it's super effective, but you wouldn't have guessed it from how much damage it did. Glalie uses hail. I stick with flamethrower, as Miss Stinky doesn't really have anything else. Glalie uses crunch on Miss Stinky, who sticks with flamethrower to take down Glalie.

Froslass is up next. I switch in Blue Meanie, forgetting the fact dragon types are super weak against ice types. Meanie uses psychic for some good damage. Froslass uses blizzard to nearly one hit Meanie. I switch in Shellhead, who takes two blizzards in a row before I can even use a move, and is frozen on the second. I keep in Shellhead, as blizzard didn't do that much damage. Glacia goes full dick mode, using confuse ray on the frozen Shellhead. I switch in Lebowski to see what he can do, only to have my longest lasting team member wiped out in one hit with a blizzard. I switch back Blue Meanie in to mega evolve and use Psychic to take down Froslass.

I keep Mega Blue Meanie in as Glacia sends out another Froslass. I stick with psychic and one hit this little shit. I should have mega evolved Blue Meanie earlier. Glacia sends out Walrein. I switch in Miss Stinky to use flamethrower to little effect, as Walrein hits another blizzard to take Miss Stinky to 32 health. I switch Shellhead back in knowing he can take another blizzard, but Walrein uses surf instead, taking out my strongest Pokemon. I send in Mega Blue Meanie again to use psychic for massive damage, but it's not enough. Walrein uses blizzard, but finally it freaking misses. Before I can finish Walrein off, Glacia uses full restore then uses protect to run down my psychics. I switch to dragon pulse to wipe out Walrein.

Glacias last Pokemon is Glalie. I leave Mega Blue Meanie out to finish the match up. Meanie uses waterfall as Glalie luckily uses hail, giving me the chance to wipe her out with dragon pulse. Glacia is defeated but at a huge price, as I lost my strongest Pokemon in Shellhead and my longest serving team member in Lebowski. Richee

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