Saturday, 6 August 2016

Richee's Omega Ruby Nuzlocke #13

 Background by PhoenixofLight92

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Eight badges check, now I just need to get through Victory Road unscathed. A level 38 Hariyama attacks first. I catch her with ease, but the low level means she won't be in my final team. I name her Fat Hands. An ace trainer with a Kingdra nearly one hits Herb, but I switch out to Shellhead to take him down. As I near the end of Victory Road, I'm attacked by a Golbat. I attempt to run, but Herb can't escape and the bastard Golbat uses acrobatics to one hit Herb, taking down one of my top six at the worst time. I send out Lebowski to stone edge the Golbat, taking it down with one move in the end.
After losing Herb, being three steps from safety, that idiot Wally shows up for a battle. Wally sends out Altaria first and I send out Blue Meanie. There is a huge gap in levels between the two of them, and one draco meteor is all it takes to defeat Altaria. Wally's next three Delcatty, Roselia and Magneton, all fall to the mighty Miss Stinky and her flamethrower. Wally's final Pokemon is Mega Gallade. I send out Shellhead, and with my first earthquake Mega Gallade is defeated, as is Wally the super noob.

I leave Wally crying on Victory Road as I make it to the Pokemon league. I release Herb and opt for Magik as my sixth. I heal up my team and stock up on all varieties of potions and full heals.
The first Member of the Elite Four is Sydney, who uses dark types. First out for Sydney is Mightyena. I start with Lebowski. Mightyena uses sucker punch as Lebowski uses earthquake. We do the same again and Mightyena is defeated. Sydney uses Shiftry. Next I switch in Z-Z Batz. After a fake out by Shiftry, which makes Z-Z Batz flinch the next turn, Z-Z Batz uses acrobatics to defeat Shiftry. I stick with Z-Z Batz to take on Sydney's Absol. Z-Z uses poison fang for a big hit, but Absol uses psycho cutter to do even more damage on Z-Z. I stick with poison fang, which defeats Absol.

Sydney switches in Sharpedo to take on Blue Meanie. Meanie uses draco meteor which one hits Sharpedo, leaving Sydney with his last Pokemon Cacturne. I switch in Shellhead for Blue Meanie. Cacturne uses spiky shield and Shellhead misses his x-scissor. Shellhead then uses earthquake, but it didn't do much damage against Cacturne, who uses leech seed. Rather then leaving Shellhead out, I switch in Miss Stinky who defeats Cacturne with flamethrower.

After my win, Magik evolves into Gyarados, giving me an awesome new team member. So my first Elite Four is down with no casualties. Three to go and a champion till I've got myself my second Pokemon League championship. Richee

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