Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Richee's Omega Ruby Nuzlocke #12

 Background by PhoenixofLight92

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With seven badges in tow, I head off to find Maxie and his Magma moron squad. I go to the seafloor cavern and find my way in. I beat up a Golbat who got in my way. I don't need him, I got Z-Z Batz. I reach Maxie and have no problems destroying his team (I'm just to damn good). Tabitha warns Maxie about awaking Groudon, but the twonk does it anyway. With Groudon awake, somehow the sun gets brighter and a hell of a lot hotter.

Everyone heads to Sootopolis City to decide what to do about Groudon. I use my time to strengthen my team, heading to route 126 I catch a Clamperl (Big C) and use my super rod in Sootopolis to catch a Magikarp (Magik). I spoke to Wallace and Steve; they both told me about the cave of origin and then sent me on my way to do all the work as usual. I head into the cave, where I'm attacked by another Golbat. Bloody things are ruining my ability to catch different types.

I batter the Golbat and make my way to the lower depths, where I find Groudon. I hop onto it's back and hold on for dear life. I hop off the Groudon and prepare for battle, and with the Blue Meanie at my side, this will be easy. I use surf, but Groudon's ability dries it up before it can hit. The fight goes to the wire. I attempt to catch it but it's too strong, so I take it down, sending it back to it's resting place. Victorious, I emerge having saved the Hoehn region from certain doom.
With the whole saving everyone out of the way, I challenge Wallace, the final gym leader, for my eighth badge. The gym uses water types, so I stick Herb out first who tears through all of Wallace's trainer friends with giga drain. I heal up as I reach Wallace, not wanting to get over confident.
I lead with Herb. Wallace sends out Luvdisc (this is gonna be easier then I thought). I use giga drain, but Luvdisc uses lovely kiss to confuse Herb, who hits himself. I stick with Herb, but Luvdisc uses attract to lower Herbs chances of hitting even more, well, except for himself. Herb hit's himself for the third time before snapping out of confusion, but is immobilized by love.

The Luvdisc uses lovely kiss again so I withdraw Herb and send in Z-Z Batz. Poison fang nearly one hit's Luvdisc, it still takes two more hits though, as Wallace wastes two hyper potions on Luvdisc, who didn't stand a chance. Wallace sends in Milotic. I switch to Blue Meanie. A draco meteor nearly wipes out Milotic, but it still hit's an ice beam for big damage on Meanie. A psychic finishes off Milotic. Wallace sends in Sealeo. I switch back to Herb, who gets his giga drain off first to one hit Sealeo and restore half his life. Whiscash is up next to get the one hit treatment by Herb. Seaking follows to be defeated in one hit and defeat Wallace. With my eight badge in tow I'm ready to take on the Elite Four. Richee

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