Saturday, 23 July 2016

Richee's Omega Ruby Nuzlocke #9

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The time is now. I've come back to Petalburg City to take on my father. After all the years of neglect due to him being a gym leader, I will show him it was all for naught as I crush him. First I have to dispense of all his lackeys with their battle items. Mr Lizard and Poochy have no problem dealing with them. Not only are they my longest serving 'mon they are all so my strongest.
I reach father. He says he is proud of me, but I'm too hyped for the coming battle. I have Mr Lizard out first to take on Normans Slaking. I stick to leaf blade to whittle down the Slaking's health, only to have Norman use a hyper potion while Slaking should be truant. He then uses yawn to put Mr Lizard asleep on the next turn. Luckily Mr Lizard wakes up instantly to keep up the leaf blade abuse. Before I can take Slaking down he uses retaliate to get a big hit on Mr Lizard. I take him down on the next leaf blade.

I switch in Poochy to take on Vigoroth next. I use rock smash. It's not a strong move, but it is effective against normal types, plus it has the chance to lower his defence. Vigoroth uses encore, which makes me use rock smash again, which I was gonna do anyway. The second rock smash takes down Vigoroth. Which leaves Norman with only one pokemon to go.
Normans final Pokemon is a stronger Slaking. I leave in Poochy to keep rock smashing, Slaking has other ideas though, hitting a big retaliate and forcing me to switch in Mr Lizard. I get off a mega drain to get some life back, but chip away is too powerful and wipes out Mr Lizard, my starter. I have no time to mourn. A couple of rock smashes should do the job. First one lands and takes down his defence before I  can land the final rock smash. He gets another chip away off, crushing Poochy. I switch in Fluff to use power switch and swap Slakings defence with his attack. Before I can land another hit though chip, away takes down Fluff.

I've lost half my team so far. I switch in Lebowski. He defeated one gym solo, he just needs to finish off Slaking. One bulldoze and Slaking is down, making me wonder if Fluff was a needless victim to my stupidity. I got my fifth gym badge, but at the cost of losing my two strongest team members. Upon leaving Wally's, dad gave me the surf HM. If only I had a 'mon who could learn it.

I head back to Mauville with Wally to get my Pokemon from the day care. So after the massacre my team is: an egg, Z-Z Batz (lv 21), Anorith (lv 22), Miss Stinky (lv 26), Slimy Guts (lv 30) and Lebowski (lv 32). I head to the trick house to get some much needed training. It doesn't take long for Z-Z Batz to evolve into Golbat, and I head to route 118 to continue my adventure. Richee

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