Saturday, 9 July 2016

Richee's Omega Ruby Nuzlocke #5

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So upon returning to Mauville, I spot that loser Wally hanging around the gym. I'm in a fowl mood after the loss of Butterbean and El Pika Jr, I hope this little fool challenges me. Wally, with his uncle, want to challenge the gym leader to prove that he is ready. He challenges me, not knowing the pain that I'm about to rain down on him and his Ralts. I send out Poochy, who makes quick work of Ralts and leaves Wally doubting himself. Seeing Wally slightly saddened makes me feel all warm inside as I push on.

On to route 117 I store The Goon in daycare while I try to catch a new member for my team. I search through the grass next to a small body of water to be attacked by a Surskit. Not what I was hoping for but Surskit will have to do. I weaken him up and catch him with ease, naming my new Surskit Sir Skit. I reach Verdaturf Town, the place where Wally's uncle lives, and realise there is nothing there for me so head back to Mauville.

I get The Goon back out of daycare,where he grew a bit, and I head to the 3rd gym for my next challenge. As soon as I get in there I worry, as the gym is full of electric types, which means magnemites. How I hate Magnemites. I work my way through the trainers in the gym and The Goon evolved during the battles, giving me a Linoone with mud sport to weaken those pesky electric types.
I reach Wattson the gym leader. He doesn't look like much, but my lack of a ground type worries me. The Goon goes out first to use mud sport, and then Wattson uses a freaking Magnetite which uses volt switch to switch with Voltorb. This happens a few times until I have to switch in Poochy for The Goon. Bite does a good bit of damage and gets rid of the Voltorb. Wattson changes things up by sending in Magneton who uses supersonic. What happens next is infuriating.

The match goes like this: Poochy hits himself, Wattson uses volt switch, Poochy hits himself, Magneton uses volt switch. I switch in Sir Skit, hoping the water type may do a bit of damage on the steel types. I never find out though, as the supersonic confuses Sir Skit, who hits himself three times in a row before finally falling to a volt switch. Mr Lizard goes in to take down Magnemite after taking a couple of hits, leaving just Magneton, who instantly uses supersonic to confuse Mr Lizard, who then starts hitting himself. I switch back in Poochy and luckily get a flinch on a bite to beat Magneton on the next bite.

My team got one hell of a beating and Sir Skit, even in defeat, evolved into Masquerain. I contemplate keeping him, as it was Surskit who fainted, I but bite the bullet and release Masquerain, as he did kinda faint. Well, with my third badge in hand, I'm now down to five Pokemon in my team. Things are looking bleak. Richee

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