Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Richee's Omega Ruby Nuzlocke #4

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So after reaching Slateport I wandered the beach, defeating all the trainers in the area, when I had a slight scare, as Poochy nearly fainted, snapping me back into the reality my team isn't invincible. I found Stern in the museum and delivered his parts. It didn't take five seconds for Team Magma to attempt to rob us. Me and Poochy dealt with them easily, and Poochy evolved into Mightyena. Magma's leader Maxie would show up to try and warn me against standing up to them.

Ignoring the nerd, I left to explore Slateport and stumbled across a gathering of idiots who have fashion contests. I got chosen by some hot shot called Lisia. She gave me some bits and bobs to help me in a pokemon contest. I tried this nonsense and came second in the coolness competition. I don't even care though. I was approached by a pokemon breeder who gave me a cosplay Pikachu. Yep, a cosplay Pikachu. I dressed him up as a lucha and named him El Pika Jr.
I stumbled across the Team Magma idiots again on route 103 planning something. Ignoring them, I continued on to route 110, where May was waiting for me to battle. Wailmer falls to Mr Lizard, Shroomish gets ended by Slimy Guts, and Combusken falls to Poochy. Poochy was close to defeat, but managed to get the victory.

I reached Mauville and got a free bike for the bicycle track, which I went down to investigate. I find a random trainer underneath the tracks. I battled her Goldeen with Butterbean and everything was going well until Goldeen used flail and wiped half of Butterbean's, life making him faint. El Pika Jr finished off the Goldeen. Heading onto the bike track I realised I'm unprepared for the steel types they have. El Pika Jr goes up against a Magnemite, hitting flying press to take over half the Magnemite's life, while Magnemite uses sonic boom. I switch to quick attack to save my flying presses, but it does next to nothing. Again, Magnemite uses sonic boom. Luckily flying press will defeat him no problem, so I'll use flying press to get the win. Unfortunately, it doesn't do half the damage it did originally, allowing Magnemite to use sonic boom to defeat El Pika Jr.

The Goon finishes off Magnemite, but the rage I feel towards this B.S. nearly makes me give up and go home. I abandon the bike track to find a easier place to level up, releasing Butterbean and El Pika Jr. I head back down to route 110 to see what I can catch, only to have a Minum appear. I defeat it not wanting to waste a poke ball and headed back to Mauville. Richee

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