Saturday, 2 July 2016

Richee's Omega Ruby Nuzlocke #3

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Well here we go, the first gym in my mission to become Pokemon Champion. The leader is Roxanne, who trains rock type pokemon. The one upside to having Mr Lizard is that this gym will be a push over with him and the move mega drain. Roxanne never stood a chance with both Geodude and Nosepass going down to mega drain, and that means that I've picked up my first badge, only seven more to go. Plus, with the two wins under his belt, Mr Lizard evolved into Grovyle.
Oh joy! I witnessed Team Magma being jerks, and now I have to help out. I can't help but wonder where the heck the police are? So I gave chase into Rusturf Tunnel where I found an old man, who had his Peeko snatched. What's a Peeko? I head into a tunnel, where I find the chump who ran into a dead end and give his Poochenya a beating with Poochy, getting back the stolen parts plus Peeko, who is a Wingull. The old man is so grateful he offers me a lift in his boat for free. I head back to the researcher who got robbed, only to get asked by the Devon President to deliver some mail to some guy called Steven in Dewford. There's a gym there, so no skin of my back, plus I got a free lift waiting for me.

So Dewford is just a short journey from Mr Brineys cabin. I decide to see if I can catch a sixth pokemon for my team before taking on the gym. I get given a old rod by a friendly fisherman so I can have a go at catching something on route 106. First, in to the Granite Cave, where I get attacked by Makuhita. Gobbie is out first and gets utterly wrecked by arm thrusts, with two out of four being critical hits. I send in Slimy Guts, who again gets beaten by arm thrust, with it hitting four times, again with two crits. Luckily he can stand up to the Makuhita long enough for me to catch the bugger. I may have lost Gobbie but I gained a Butterbean.
Still with only five team members, I have a quick fish to see what I can catch on route 106, only to be challenged by a Tentacool. He is a mere level 5, but I like Tentacools so I catch him and name him Sgt. Jelly. I heal up my team and decide to take on my second gym, which is run by Brawly, a fighting type trainer. Slimy Guts has no problem with the gym leader, cutting Brawly's Machop and Makuhita down in only a couple of moves each. Becoming champion of Hoehn is going to be easier then I thought. Having delivered the letter to Steven, I'm heading off to Slateport to deliver some parts, then off to catch some more 'mon and get some more badges. Richee

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