Saturday, 30 July 2016

Richee's Omega Ruby Nuzlocke #11

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So I'm back in Fortree city to challenge the gym leader Winona, to get my sixth badge. With Blue Meanie out first, he trounced everybody, then when we reached Winona, Blue Meanie dispensed of her with ease, giving me the win and my sixth badge. I also got the fly move, which I taught to Z-Z Batz. I head down to route 121, where Shellhead evolved into Armaldo. A high level Pelliper popped up to become the latest member of my team. I named him Ash after a certain movie icon with a large chin.
I reached the safari zone and got excited with all the Pokemon I can catch in each zone. Unfortunately, this safari only has one massive zone and the Psyduck that popped up first got knocked out in one hit. My team reaches Lilycove City, where May is waiting for a battle. I deal with May with no casualties and move on to route 122. Nothing appeared so I head onto Mount Pyre where a Shuppet appeared. After I attacked, the Shuppet used curse to finish itself off, leaving me unable to add to my team.

I fought to the top of Mount Pyre where the Team Magma were yet again up to no good. After battering all of them, including Courtney, they grabbed the red orb and ran off. I grabbed the blue orb and gave chase, flying back to Slateport on Z-Z Batz. Miss Stinky made quick work of all the Magma muppets. I find my way to there hideout where they have Electrode set up as booby traps. I tried to catch him, but he wouldn't stay in the ball. I got a master ball for my troubles.
Well, I've lost track of Maxie, so I'm going for my seventh badge in Mossdeep City. The seventh Gym is run by some psychic twins named Tate and Liza. I can't afford to waste any time here so I destroy them with Shellhead and Blue Meanie; they never stood a chance. Now with my seventh badge in tow, I better go find this idiot Maxie before he does something we'll all regret. Richee

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