Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Richee's Omega Ruby Nuzlocke #10

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So, I have an issue: I've spent half an hour walking around trying to find a way through route 118. There is no way round though, and I'm forced to use my old rod to catch a level 5 Tentacool (Mr Cool). In my time running around, I managed to find a name rater, so I named my Anorith (Shellhead). So after being forced to waste my catch on route 118, I surf across it with Mr Cool to reach the other side.

This couldn't have come at a better time. I'm whisked away by a Latias to safe his friend Latios from Team Magma. After doing away with the scum bags, Latios opts to come with me and joins my team as the Blue Meanie. Nothing to catch down route 123, but Miss Stinky evolved into Weezing as my journey continued. I get off route 123 and reach route 119, and manage to catch myself a Gloom who I name Herb (I seem to only be catching poison types at the moment #SadFace).

Continuing down route 119, Z-Z Batz evolves into Crobat. I'm surprised how quickly he evolved into his final form. Team Magma are blocking my path to the next city, so I head into the weather institute where something fishy is happening. Shock horror, the Magma jerks are up to no good. I clear them out, including that Tabitha person again, and get given a Castform for my troubles. I hope I never get desperate enough to use him. I call him WeatherBlob.

I get Herb out in place of Slimy Guts and continue down route 120 to catch another team member and, yay for me, it's another Gloom. I name him McDribble. I suppose they can have two different evolutions, so not completely terrible. Something is blocking my path to the sixth gym so I'm forced to push on. I meet a guy called Stephen who kindly gives me a gadget to make the invisible Pokemon visible. I battle the Kecleon, capturing it and naming it Rango. I've managed to strengthen my team, luckily, since my last battle. Hopefully I'm ready for this sixth gym. Richee.

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