Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Richee Omega Ruby Nuzlocke #8

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So my journey took me hopping over some ledges on the jagged pass. Numel was the first Pokemon to appear, and a fire type would be an awesome addition to my team. The Goon knew this though, so delivered a critical hit headbutt to defeat the Numel. I reach Lavaridge town and get asked to take care of an egg which was found in the hot springs. It will apparently hatch into a Pokemon. I agree to take it but then just send it back to the professor as I don't have the patience for hatching an egg.
The fourth victim of my gym carnage is Flannery, the fire type trainer. Lebowski carried me through this entire gym, squashing all the jerks up to Flannery. I stick with Lebowski and Flannery sends out Slugma, who gets bulldozed. Numel is up next and gets the same treatment as Slugma. Lebowski is a beast. Flannery's last 'mon is the awesome Torkoal. I stick with the tried and tested bulldoze which doesn't even do half damage. I switch to magnitude, which wipes out Torkoal and gets me my fourth gym badge. Boosh.

Well, things are looking up, and my team is looking strong. I bump into May again, who gives me some Go-goggles so I can traverse sand storm ridden areas, so I head straight into a sandstorm to grab a claw fossil. On the way back out camper Cliff challenged me to a match. I accepted without hesitation as I have Lebowski. Cliff sent out a Sandslash, who easily shrugs of Lebowski's ground attacks, using sand attack to effect Leboski's accuracy. I'm forced to switch in The Goon, who now knows slash. The Goon misses both slashes when I was hoping for some critical hits and gets wiped out by the Sandslash

I switch in Mr Lizard, who I should have switched in in the first place now I've lost The Goon, who I really wanted fro the next gym. I head back to Petalburg City where the fifth gym is located and where I must defeat my own father. Richee 

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