Saturday, 16 July 2016

Richee's Omega Ruby Nuzlocke #7

 Background by PhoenixofLight92

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After coming across different parts of route 111 and 112, I bump into some nosh bag who is a big fan of secret bases. I don't have time for this, so I sneak off while he is still chatting. I reach route 113 where May is waiting to kindly heal my team. After a short chat we carry on our own paths. Walking through the ash ridden grass, I was attacked by a Skarmory, who would be an awesome addition to my team. I catch him after a short scuffle and name her Skarla. I reached Fallarbor Town and get Skarla out for my team, replacing Slimy Guts.

I catch up to May, who has discovered a professor Cozmo has been kidnapped by Team Magma. We take it upon ourselves to rescue the professor. I reach route 114 and add a Swablu to my ever growing team, and name her Fluff. I reach Meteor Falls and brace myself for what team Magma can throw at me. Before I reach them though, I'm in a cave so off course a Zubat pops up, and he gets the privilege of joining my team (gotta catch them all, and all that). I name him Z-Z Batz.

I find May up ahead challenging Magma Grunt and Admin Tabitha (I'm not quite sure if Tabitha is a woman or a man)? Anyway, I send out Sgt Jelly. May joins the battle and throws out Wailmer. After three of us hit our first round moves, the Magma Grunt decides she can't be bothered and gets Koffing to use self destruct wiping out Sgt Jelly, to my dismay. I send in Skarla next to get some experience. We take down Mightyena and Tabitha sends out Numel. I have a lapse in concentration, as I leave Skarla out to get one hit by flame burst. I've lost two team members while May's Wailmer sits there doing nothing. I switch in Lebowski who ends both Numer and Wailmer with a magnitude.

After giving May some serious shit eye, some Team Aqua jerks turn up to scare off the Magma morons. We escort Cozmo back to his lab and I release Sgt Jelly and Skarla. I head back to the daycare lady to raise Slimy Guts and Z-Z Batz for me. I grab Fluff and head up to Mt Chimney in a cable car, where both teams are doing battle. Me and Lebowski pummel our way through the Magma Grunts and Lebowski evolves in the process to Graveller. We reach Magma's head nutter Maxie. Lebowksi leads the charge, taking down Mightyena. Camerupt is out next to take on Lebowski. One earth power later by Camerupt and Lebowski is on the ropes, surviving thanks to his sturdy ability. I switch in The Goon, who takes earth power like a champ and headbutts his way through Camerupt. Maxie's last pokemon is a Golbat. I switch in Poochy and thunder fang makes short work of Golbat, defeating the team Magma losers. Richee

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