Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Richee's Omega Ruby Nuzlocke #6

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So with my third badge I head of in search of my next adventure. Heading down route 111 I meet a trainer who warns me about a local family called the Winstrates who challenge trainers. This would be a good way to get some experience, but I really want a sixth team member for my team before I attempt this challenge. Bursting through the rocks blocking my path, I head up to route 112 where I bump into May, who gave me the HM for strength, which is nice of her. I head back to route 111 to smash up more boulders and hopefully find a pokemon.

Second rock smashed and a Geodude pops out and happily joins my team after some coaxing by The Goon. I name him Lebowski because he is the dude. I decide, with Lebowski making my team of six, to head back to the Winstrates to kick some butt. I easily dispose of the husband Victor and am then challenged by his wife Victoria. Her Roselia has a nasty leech seed/stun spore combo which hinders The Goon for the matches to come. Missing his first pin missile, The Goon sorts himself out to destroy Roselia with the second pin missile. Vivi, the daughter, comes out next. I switch Poochy in to take down Goldeen, then switch in Slimy Guts to take down Shroomish.
Vicky is the last family member but also the strongest. Sgt Jelly gets his first bit of action, critical hitting Numel with water pulse to get his first win. Vicky sends out Meditite, so next I switch in old reliable Mr Lizard, who has no problem mega draining the life out of Meditite to get the win. Well, that was easier then expected, getting the experience with out losing someone. My luck might be about to change, however.

I head to route 112 after healing up my team, looking to get some back ups to my main team. I route around in the grass and I'm up pops Machop. I got Slimy Guts out, as Machop is super weak to him. I start with a gust looking to catch him quick, but even though it's super effective, it only just takes him down half way. I don't really wanna use psy wave, as that is far too strong, so I go for venoshock which ends up defeating him anyway. Tiny bit of regret sending out Slimy Guts, as maybe he was a bit to much for the tiny Machop, and therefore loosing my chance to catch anything on route 112.

I reach Fiery path knowing one of my favourite fire types resides here in Torkoal, and I cross my fingers and toes that one will pop up. Unfortunately, a Koffing decided she wanted to see what was going on. I use a couple of gusts and go for the catch: she may just be a Koffing but right now I can't be picky. I manage to catch her with the second ball and name her Miss Stinky. I doubt I'll ever use her but she is there for emergencies. Richee

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