Thursday, 2 June 2016

Richee's Pokemon Nuzlocke Finale

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So one final opponent stands in my way before I can claim to be the Pokemon Champion of the World. After healing up my team, I put Big Bob out front. Good old reliable Big Bob, he never lets me down. So there she stands, Diantha. I met her earlier on in my travels but I took her for a nobody. How wrong I was.
I send out Big Bob. Diantha sends out Hawlucha. Well shit, I thought, that is not a good start. I immediately switch out to Feltz. Good old reliable Feltz, he will never die. The Hawlucha hits a flying press which Feltz shakes off, then a second hit doesn't do much either. Feltz hits the oblivion wing to not only take out Hawlucha but recuperate most of the damage he did in the first place. Up next for Diantha is the impressive Tyrantrum. I switch Big Bob back out so he can have his moment to shine. Tyrantrum hit's first with head smash, and Big Bob uses surf, which forces Diantha to use a full restore. A second surf though keeps Tyrantrum on the ropes. Tyrantrum sticks with head smash to do some damage on Big Bob, but the third surf took Tyrantrum down and out.

Diantha hasn't got an answer for my team of bad asses, so I could be on my way to winning the championship with out losing a single team member. Diantha's third 'mon is a Goodra. I send Feltz back out to dragon claw his way to victory. Goodra gets a dragon pulse off but Diantha used a second full restore, only to have Goodra lose to Feltz's third dragon claw. Out next is... Aurorus? What's that, I thought to myself, leaving Feltz out to see what an Aurorus is. I recognized it instantly; the ice dinosaur which immediatly put Feltz at a disadvantage, so I switched Tiny Turt in. Aurorus used light screen on his free turn. Tiny Turt didn't care though, using brick break to burst through the light screen and one hit Aurorus.

Well four down, two to go. Diantha sent out Gourgeist next, and I attempt something a bit risky in sending out Lil Layla to get her first taste of championship glory. Lil Layla hits hard and fast with flamethrower, burning the Gourgeist, who responds with seed bomb, which Lil Layla shrugs off. Diantha again uses full restore, which comes to nothing, as Lil Layla gets the win with two consecutive flamethrowers. Well champ, you're down to your last pokemon, let's see what you got.

Diantha's final 'mon is a level 68 Gardevoir. I switch Feltz back in to take down this psychic/ fairy type. That's when Diantha showed her true hand, unveiling her potential to use the mega ability. Feltz uses oblivion wing to restore the rest of his health. Mega Gardevoir used moon blast to take Feltz to half health. I stick with oblivion wing, as two more should do the trick, plus I heal on each hit. But the unthinkable happens; the moon blast hits, and it hits hard, so hard infact it takes down Feltz. Having suffered my fist casualty I panic, and I send Lil Layla out to finish this fight off. Before I can get the killing blow though, Diantha uses her fourth full restore. Lil Layla hits night slash and it does decent damage. If it crits I could win on the next hit. Mega Gardevoir has different ideas though, hitting another moonblast, taking out Lil Layla. No! My ultimate team is crumbling! It's time to pull out the big gun sending out Tiny Turt and activating his mega ability - Mega Tiny Turt! - and with one waterfall the fight is over and I'm the new Kalos region champion.
During my celebratory party we mourn the loss of Feltz and Lil Layla with cake, and I have my first challenger in Az, the really tall guy who had some thing to do with the pokemon war (I wasn't really listening). His first pokemon is Torkoal. Mine, predictably, is Big Bob. Big Bob hits surf first to deal massive damage on Torkoal, who uses lava plume. One body slam later Big Bob is victorious. Az sends out Sigilyph, so next I switch out Hip Hops, who didn't get a shot during the Elite Four all championship match. Sigilyph uses psychic to Hip Hops crunch. After reapeating the same attack, Hip Hops is victorious. Az's final 'mon is Golurk. I send out Tiny Turt, as BigMommaBear hasn't really got the moves for a ghost type. The match is over with one waterfall, and Tiny Turt shows why we're the champs. After the match, Az's Florette returns to him, which I couldn't care less about as I'm missing my damn party. YOUR POKEMON CHAMPION, RICHEE. HAIL TO THE KING, BABY!

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