Thursday, 9 June 2016

Richee's Pokemon Nuzlocke Bonus

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So it's been a hectic week of partying now I'm the big man a round here. Mother was speaking about maybe having to up and move again to be closer to my father. I decided to take my mind off of it and focus on strengthening my team. Having lost Feltz I've heard rumours of a powerful pokemon hiding out in a cave near pokemon village. Before I could head out though, Shauna was waiting out side my door for me. She wanted to trade pokemon, she said, for friendship, but I know it's because I'm the champ. So I looked through my box of champions at who I could trade and I opted for my longest serving pokemon, a pokemon I caught before Big Bob, or was given Tiny Turt even. That's right, Doofy (Bibarel) was the 'mon I traded. I have no need for him in my team, and I feel he will get a run out with Shauna's awful team. In return I got Chespin, the grass starter. I named him Chester.

Now with Chester in my team at level 5, I headed out with BigMommaBear and Hip Hops, both on level 61, Tiny Turt on level 74, and Big Bob on level 75. I headed to pokemon village, ready to hunt down this mysterious pokemon in this mysterious cave. I entered, ready to tackle all that got in my way, only to realise there was no pokemon in my way, just me, my team, and a Mewtwo. I started with Big Bob and his body slams. He took a couple of aura spheres, but the second body slam paralysed. I then switched in Tiny Turt to soften Mewtwo up. I used my first ultra ball for Mewtwo, only to kick out instantly. Then he used recover, causing me to inflict more pain on him. This also gave Mewtwo the opportunity to use psychic, doing a nasty bit of damage to Tiny Turt. It takes only two more ultra balls for Mewtwo to get caught, and I now have my final team. Also, Chester evolved into Quilladin, so yeah, that happened too.

It's been a long journey with ups and down. I've always loved the Pokemon games, and I really enjoyed writing my journey down on the blog, and hope you enjoyed reading it too. Hoping to do another Nuzlocke adventure soon, to buy some time until the release of Sun and Moon, so hopefully you'll join me for my next instalment. Richee

All the Pokemon who gave there lives so I could become champion:

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