Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Richees Omega Ruby Nuzlocke #2

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So I need a bad ass team, and I need it quick, to beat my neglectful father to a pulp. Come on route 104, what you got for me? Hmmm, a Wurmple? It seems the pokemon suck just as much as the region as the last. He has some fight though, kicking out of my first pokeball, but not my second. Bug Face is the fourth member of the dream team. So Petalburg Woods, lets see what you have to offer. Another Wurmple?? With luck they have different evolutions. This guy didn't have as much fight, as he was caught with my first ball. I send Layla a message to see what I should call him and she comes up with the name "Slimy Guts". It will do.

So five 'mon in my team and two are the exact same, so that's not great. Could have done with a Pikachu in the woods. I bump into a researcher babbling on about Shroomish when a member of Team Flare shows up. What the heck are they doing all the way out here? Oh, my mistake. He is a Team Magma member. How is there so many generic villain groups around? He got in my way though, so he got stomped. As thanks, the researcher gave me an experience share, which means I don't have to waste time switching out weaker members of my team to get experience.

I got through the woods to find myself on route 104 still, so with out catching anything I continue on my way, only to bump into some snob with a Zigzagoon. After mocking him for a bit, I made the mistake of leaving Bug Face in the battle for too long. Having received three tail whips, the tackle is enough to beat Bug Face, eliminating him from my team. I switch in Poochy, who does enough damage with thunder fang to almost take Zigzagoon down. The rich numpty uses full restore on his level 10 Zigzagoon (such a waste), then he is soundly defeated by Poochy.

Slimy Guts has his first battle against a level 6 Lotad and gets the win, evolving into Cascoon. I reach Rustboro City, but  continue on to route 116 where a Nincada appears first, giving me the opportunity to double up, as when Nincada evolves I'll get Ninjask plus Shedinja. It would be awesome to have them in my team again, as it depresses me to remember how I lost my last Shedinja. However, Poochy didn't get the memo, hitting bite with a critical hit, which one hits Nincada to my surprise, making route 116 a no catch zone. But I did beat some trainers and evolved Slimy Guts into Dustox.

Before heading to Rustboro and battling my first gym leader, I head into Rusturf Tunnel where I aim to catch a Whismur, as this cave is full with them. No crappy Zubats at least. It doesn't take long for one to pop up on level 7, who is easily caught and named Gobbie. So with a team of five I should be ready for my first gym battle, especially with Slimy Guts and Mr Lizard, plus I trained The Goon up so he got an attack finally in headbutt. Richee

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