Saturday, 25 June 2016

Richees Omega Ruby Nuzlocke #1

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Catch up on Richee's previous adventures in Pokemon Y here.

Well it happened. I became champ of Kalos and mother decided we need to move again. This time to be closer to Father. Its so annoying having to move so often. The worse part about it is I can't bring my team because they're a foreign species and not aloud into Hoenn, so it seems I have to start all over again while Big Bob and Tiny Turt hang out with Professor Sycamore.

So this is Littleroot, a small town with, like, three houses. Brilliant mum, just brilliant. While wandering around I heard cries for help. I decided to investigate, as the only other person around was a kid. Well, well, well, it seems I found the professor cowering from a Poochyena. He asks for help and offers me one of three pokemon from his bag. It's clear Mudkip is the best choice, but I got time to decide via the roll of a dice: 1-3 will be Treeko, 4-6 Torchic, and 7-9 will get me Mudkip. I roll a 3 to get the worst of the three brilliant. I easily clear out Poochyena to save Professor Birch. Oh, and I name Treeko Mr Lizard.
Professor Birch asks me to go find his daughter May. who is doing research on route 103. It's only a short walk to route 103 and I find May faffing about in the grass. After introducing myself, May challenges me to a match. She quite clearly doesn't know I'm the Kalos champion. Unfortunately, I don't have my team of champions, and I nearly lose to May's Torchic. Treeko had only 2hp left after that battle.

So I brought May back to Birch, got some pokeballs, and told mother I was gonna become the champion of Hoenn, because why not (or Wynaut? Ha, pokemon joke)? The pokedex comes with a built in tracker which allows you to see certain pokemon in the grass, and if they have rare moves this should come in useful for my adventure. May shows me how to use it as I battle a Poochyena with thunder fang. Even with that special move Poochyena is easily caught. Welcome to the team, Poochy. Push back onto route 103 where another Poochyena attacks first. As I all ready have Poochy, I don't bother catching this one. On route 102 I came across the Hoenn equivalent to Rattata in Zigzagoon. Again, easily caught. The Goon is the newest member of Team Awesome. I can't be to fussy early, on I need the numbers.
I was wondering why The Goon didn't attack during our battle, and it turns out he doesn't know any attacks. What a goon you truly are. I reached Petalburg City where Father has his gym. Before I can even tell father about Kalos, some little twerp called Wally shows up and father palms him off on me to help him catch a pokemon. I go with the little idiot, and he catches something lame, then father dismisses me. You'll regret this old man. I need to get some badges and some better 'mon so I can put my father in his place.

So thanks for reading the first episode of season 2 of Richees Nuzlocke adventures. These are the rules I'm playing by, the two most important being when a pokemon faints it is eliminated from the game and must be released, and I can only catch the first pokemon I come across in each area, so if I beat the first 'mon I come across then I can't catch anything in that area. With the second rule I'm including pokemon I have already caught, making the risk of multiple Zigzagoons a scary possibility. Again, I can't heal during battles, but I can change 'mon at the beginning of each new pokemon sent out in battle. I will also be using legendary pokemon, as with my last play through. I didn't catch one flying type until I caught the legendary, so leaving my options open here. Richee

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