Thursday, 30 June 2016

Richee Reviews That's My Boy (2012)

So here we are. Yet again, another Sandler film has appeared on Netflix, and being the masochist that I am, I decided to watch it. This film had some things going for it, mostly in Andy Samberg, who is a brilliant comedian. In fact, thinking about it, this was the only promising thing about this film, and Sandler has proven in the past that respected actors can look awful in his films, most noticeably in Pixels with Peter Dinklage.

So the story starts in 1984, with a young Donnie Berger flirting with his teacher, which leads to the two having a sexual relationship. So that's a 13 year old boy with a 20 something teacher, but being a paedophile is OK if you're a hot woman sleeping with a minor. Oh wait, no it's not, and the film has everyone cheering Donnie for being molested by a authority figure. As the teacher gets sentenced, we find out she is pregnant with Donnie's baby, and his father is made legal guardian till Donnie turns eighteen.

Fast forward 28 years and Donnie, now played by Sandler, is about to be sent to prison for not paying his taxes. This leads him trying to cash in on his "fame", and he is told he can get a TV spot if he can get his family together for a prison interview, which has him hunting down his son who wants nothing to do with him. Named Han Solo Berger, he has changed his name to Todd (Andy Samberg) and is about to get married, having claimed his parents died in a tragic explosion. Donnie shows up two days before the wedding claiming to be Todd's best friend who saved his life one time.
Usual Sandler shenanigans ensue where he becomes the hero, saving his son and the day. It just feels like a running gag that Sandler is having at our expense: how many times can he make the same film, playing the same character, before he says no more? This film made me chuckle twice in it's near two hour run time, and I would say this is one of Sandler's worst films ever, being maybe slightly better then Ridiculous 6, which got a laugh at one point. 
The story is lazy, the characters flip flop between being nice and being dicks, and Sandler puts on the most annoying voice through out the film. I just hated every line he said. Plus, with Sandler being such an egomaniac again, everything revolved around him, with Samberg not getting a funny moment in the film. That. plus he goes along with the horribly bullshit stories, which only a moron would believe, had me hating every character in this crap. 

Throw in a Sandler masturbation scene, which was too long, a baseball scene where Donnie intentionally humiliates his son, which, by the way, his does all the way through the film while wondering why his son doesn't like him. If that was my father I'd have a restraining order on the arsehole. Final rating is a 1/10: Sandler is poison and this was the final straw for me. I will no longer be watching Sandler's self made ego trips. The fact I had to watch this in two parts, plus even contemplated cancelling my Netflix account because they actually fund this shit, goes to show you how far Sandler has fallen. I'm ashamed to say I once was a fan of Sandler's work, and feel like a cash cow just for Sandler to buy another mansion. Richee

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