Thursday, 16 June 2016

Kickstarter Goodies: Oink Review

So one of my recent pledges came through in the form of a hard back graphic novel called Oink, by John Mueller. The story is told by Oink, who is on death row and waiting for the day of his execution. A priest goes to Oink to document the events which put him on death row. Oink tells his tale as a genetically engineered pig person, created souly to work as slaves to mankind. Oink realises what is going on and rebels against his human captives, aiming to take down the people responsible.

So the art work in Oink is awesome; very bold, with dark moody colours, and it works so well with the story. The characters are interesting also, as the story takes place in a city called Heaven and the angels are terrifying bounty hunters. Oink is raised by a religious cult who paint Heaven as a paradise and feed the pig men full of false promises and lies, like most cults I guess. The story reminds me of the Sin City story "The Hard Goodbye". I did feel like there could have been more to the story, however. The Angels were cool, but I would have liked some more details about them and other characters.

All in all, I enjoyed Oink. I wanted to know more about the characters and story because they were so interesting. The art, as I said, looked dark and gritty and worked with the mood of the story. Final verdict is a 7/10: this is a good graphic novel and a good read which would have got a higherrating if it had elaborated more. Richee
If you wanna check out Oink you can purchase it from John Mueller's store here, as well as on Amazon.

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