Monday, 6 June 2016

DVD Roundup: Anything for an Oscar edition

Whether you believe Leonardo DiCaprio should of won his Best Actor Oscar for this film or not, I'm glad he got it for The Revenant, as he went through a lot for it: sleeping in animal carcasses, risking hyperthermia in freezing water, or even eating raw bison liver (considering he's a vegetarian too). While me and Richee both loved it, it will definitely not be for everyone. Many have considered it "boring", with its three hour run time, and vast swaths of time where nothing seems to be happening. If you think you can endure it though, you'll be treated to a movie that is intensely beautiful, and filled with excellent acting and an engaging survival/revenge story. Check out our full podcast review in the player below.

Just to make you feel guilty for enjoying contacts sports is the true story of how Dr Bennet Olamu, played by Will Smith, discovered CTE, which is brought on by repeat concussions, and can cause a type of dementia, and whose discoveries were attempted to be squashed by the NFL. While a worthy subject, Concussion has been gathering plenty of mixed reviews, mainly due to the it playing a little too safe to be truly groundbreaking, but maybe worth a watch for all of you interested in the sports.

If ever there was a news story made for the big screen, it was the story of the 2010 CopiapĆ³ mining accident, where 33 miners were trapped after a cave-in and survived for 69 days. I still remember when it broke on the news, everyone was captivated, watching was 24-hour coverage, and wondering if they'll survive. The only problem with a film being made out of this story is that we all know how it ends. Still, it would be fascinating to see how they survived actually in the mine, an to really get a feel for the turmoil they went through.

The biggest even in the WWE calender is now out to own on for your repeated viewing pleasure. The biggest point of note for me was the decision to change the hideous Diva Championship to the Woman's Championship. Hey, and there's three of the Four Horsewomen on the cover (still with that horrible Diva's belt though), and, damn, Triple H is showing more cleavage than any of the women! Read Richee's best and worst moments of this years Wrestlemania here.

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