Monday, 13 June 2016

DVD Roundup: 16th wall breaking edition

If you've ever looked at a superhero film and have just been overwhelmed by the mediocrity, then Deadpool is for you. With a production history that is just as fascinating as the comic book character, Deadpool went from being shelved to having test footage leaked by its own crew, to becoming the highest grossing R-rated film ever, making more money than any of the previous X-Men films. While, yes, the plot as been lamented for being formulaic, at least it has control of its story, and it also able to be funny, crude and violent. Deadpool is a labour of love, and is all the better for it. Listen to our podcast review in the player below.

Bone Tomahawk still has pretty high rating since its cinema release, with a score of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes at the moment. We, however, came out the cinema with a distinct feeling of disappointment. Despite its great cinematography and cast, Bone Tomahawk was overly long, and the "brutal" violence that that promised in the trailer seemed, strangly, out of place. Then there's the lame practical effect that ruined what should of been a heroic final battle. Listen to our full review in the player below.

Richee really wanted to see this film, having loved the classic British TV series growing up. I, however, really, really did not want to see this, having really not enjoyed the TV series growing up. With a strong British cast, including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Dad's Army just looks like cranky archaic humour, and will do best to served those that enjoyed the original programme.

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is a Michael Bay film. Yes, it may be more political, propaganda even, be based on true events, but its still a Michael Bay film. Come on, we all know that the morals, the plot is going to come second to the explosions. I haven't seen it yet, but it is going to remain very low on my movie priority list.

A documentary/drama that meditates on the death of her dog, artist Laurie Anderson's Heart of a Dog also delves into the passings of her mother and husband Lou Reed. Maybe not the ultimate good mood movie, Heart of a Dog at least promises to be a touching mediation on loss, free associating with lots of different subject in a dreamy fashion.

Can you guess what Zoombies is about? That's right, zoo animals turn into zombies. What else can I say? Well, it is from the producers of Sharknado, which is a terrible film (just because its apparently ironic doesn't make it cool!), so if that's your bag then maybe you'll enjoy this. Maybe.

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