Thursday, 26 May 2016

What I Would Have Done With Ghostbusters

So the second trailer for the Ghostbusters reboot dropped earlier this week, and whereas I'm just happy to see one of my favourite childhood franchises getting some more screen time, other people our not taking it well. Now, I agree it could have been done differently, and if I was gonna change something, this is how I would do it. I'm keeping the cast as is but will be altering characters. Also, the biggest issue, I wouldn't be making this a shot for shot remake, I'd make it a sequel/rehash of the original, some what like the latest Star Wars.

I'd open the film with a funeral service for Egon Spengler, to pay homage to the late Harold Ramis. All the original cast would be in attendance, as well as Kristen Wiig, who will now be playing the part of Egon's daughter, and Chris Hemsworth, who is playing Peter Venkman and Dana Barretts son. We go back to the fire house where the last three ghostbusters talk about shutting up shop because they can't keep up with the job any more. Kristen Wiig talks them into training a new set of ghostbusters rather then disbanding the team all together.

Ray and Winston agree to stay on and train them, while Venkman is against his son joining the team, stating it's too dangerous for what they get paid. His mother is against him joining as well, as she blames the Ghostbusters for her failed relationship with Peter. Ray brings in a worker from his occult bookshop who has a fascination with ghosts and gadgets in Kate McKinnon, while Kristen Wiig brings in an old school friend with a high IQ in Melissa McCarthy.

During training, Chris Hemsworth is put behind the desk to keep Venkman happy, pushing current receptionist Lesley Jones into the firing line, to her joy as she wants to be where the action is. After training the old cast, we'll take a step back and the film will go with what this new version already has planned out. Maybe cutting back the CGI for more pratical effects because let's face it everything looks better when it's real.

So that's what I'd change about the new film. I stay hopeful that this latest film will be better then what people think it's gonna be. The expectations are low, so as long as it's semi decent the film should come out OK (fingers crossed). Richee

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