Thursday, 5 May 2016

Richee's Pokemon Nuzlocke #9

 Background by PhoenixofLight92

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So having released Shedinja back into the wild I had to decide on who to take out in his place. I decided on making Hip Hops my sixth, and although he is only on level sixteen, over twenty levels behind everyone else, hopefully the experience share will come in handy to boost him up. I also retrieved Tiny Turt as the gym run was clear of hazards for him now. I got a call to check out Lysandra's cafe where he went on about some nonsense. As usual I wasn't paying attention. Once I got out of that I got a call to head to route 14 with the noobs. Upon arriving, Serena challenged me to another battle where she got promptly beaten. I don't know why she bothers really. I then headed off to find the spooky house.

So a new route and a chance to catch a new team member. Not really anything great to catch down route 14 to my knowledge, but that won't stop me looking. First encounter is a Quagsire. A ground/water type is a good combination, but with Tiny Turt I would have preferred a grass or bug type. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers, and after a quick scuffle I had a new bench warmer in Quaghag. Also made it to the spooky house, which was a complete waste of time, not even any ghost types to catch.
I finally made it to Laverre City, where the fifth gym was located, as well as a pokeball factory. First things first, I need me a new badge. This gym relies on fairy type pokemon. I'm not sure of their weaknesses, but one I know of is poison, so out comes Nidoo with her poison jab to wreck shop. Which she did, and her and Lucha-Rio, who I also taught poison jab, did a demolition job and I cleared the gym with no loses for a change.

I tried to move on to route 15, but some Team Flare jerks wanted a ludicrous amount of money to let me pass so I headed to the pokeball factory to see if I could swipe some pokeball's. Upon arrival I found, to my dismay, Team Flare had the same idea, the bastards. I swept through the factory like a hurricane, crushing all the Flare losers and even teamed up with Serena to take out their admins, even though I could have managed by myself. So I got rewarded with a master ball and a big gold nugget, plus the smeg heads blocking the route to route 15 had buggered off, so I could carry on my merry way. Richee

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