Monday, 2 May 2016

Richee's Pokemon Nuzlocke #8

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So we got to Lumiose City and my fifth gym. This gym consists of Electric types, so Tiny Turt is gonna have to sit this one out. I bring out Thumper, who is only level 21, but the run up to the gym should boost her a bit. I head into the Prism Tower where Bonnie, the gym leaders little sister, holds a quiz show like route to her brother, where you have to answer questions correctly while battling the people you think have the right answer to proceed.

The second trainer in has an Ampharos, and this thing loves it's confuse ray, which forces me to switch out multiple times, as my team just keep hitting themselves. So frustrating, until I finally get Big Bob to hit a body slam to paralyse the douche, so I can get some hit's in before he can use confuse ray again. All in all, my 'mon hit themselves five times against that one Ampharos.
Up next was a cute little Plusle. I had my super reliable Shedinja out as none of Plusles moves can hit him. Unfortunately, the frustration level of this little rat bastard is beyond what I can take. Every time I use dig they use copycat, meaning I can't land a hit as he keeps going underground when I strike. So I decided what's good for the Ampharos is good for the Shedinja, and so I used confuse ray. Now Plusle is confused and I start using cut to slowly bring it's life down, but Plusle doesn't hurt its self and recovers from confusion on the next turn. I confuse it again for the same result. I get very frustrated at the fact my team are getting confused, all they did was hit themselves and this little shit was snapping out of it straight away. Then, the unthinkable happened; Plusle used copycat after I used confuse ray, confusing Shedinja and Shedinja hit its self taking himself out of the game.

I should have seen it coming. I should have just switched Shedinja out, but I wanted the experience for him. I can't express the rage I went through when Shedinja hit its self - it did involve punching the sofa while calling Plusle a very nasty C word and unleashing Big Bob on Plusle to crush it with one body slam, making me wish I used another move to drag out his pain.
Clemont went down easy with Nidoo and Big Bob doing a demolition job on his team, getting me my fifth badge, but at a cost. Goodbye Shedinja (insert sad music here). Richee

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