Monday, 30 May 2016

Richee's Pokemon Nuzlocke #16

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Half way there, living on a prayer, woh oh! Kicking elite four butt! So, two down, two to go. First up is Wikstrom. Also, what's with all the weird names? Wikstrom is a steel type trainer. This is where a fire type would be useful. First out for me is Big Bob. Wikstrom sends out one of the lamest pokemon out there in Klefki. Klefki starts with dazzling gleam and Bob hit's surf. Klefki uses spikes. Bob uses body slam. Klefki uses torment, then is defeated with another surf. One down, three to go. Up next for Wikstrom is Aegislash, who protects it's self from Bob's body slam. Sacred sword hit's hard, and Bob gets off a surf before I call him back and then send out Feltz, who takes sacred sword better. I use oblivion wing twice in a row to get some life back, as Aegislash uses king shield and iron head. I risk a psychic and it pays off. defeating the Aegislash but leaving Feltz in a bad way.
It's time for my secret weapon: Tiny Turt. Fair enough, I could have used him from the start, but I wasn't sure if Turt could take down four challengers in a row. Wikstrom sends out Probopass for his third 'mon (I never realised how rubbish steel types look). Probopass uses spikes, then gets hit with waterfall. Probopass uses discharge to do a bit of damage, but Turt sticks with waterfall, which Probopass just survives. Wikstrom uses full restore on Protopass, which doesn't help as waterfall hits and crits to take him down. Sticking with Tiny Turt, Wikstrom sends out Scizor. I stick with the almighty waterfall, which takes over half his life away. Scizor uses x-scissor which doesn't do much damage. The second waterfall defeats Scizor and Wikstrom to leave me one member of the elite four left to fight.

So before I take on Drasna, I teach Feltz dragon claw in place of phantom force and heal up my team. Drasna is dragon type trainer and dragons always have a wide range of moves and can cause real difficulties. I stick with Tiny Turt, as he has the mighty ice beam. Drasna sends out Dragalge, so I use ice beam of the bat to freeze Dragalge, who then breaks out on this turn to use thunder bolt, rocking Tiny Turt. I stick to my guns and use ice beam to take down Dragalge. Altaria and Noivern both fall to ice beam in one hit, leaving Drasna with one Pokemon left.
I switch in Feltz, because I taught him dragon claw, dammit! Drasna sends out Druddigon, so dragon claw does some damage, but two more hits should see Druddigon defeated. Druddigon uses dragon tail, which pushes Feltz out and drags in BigMommaBear. BigMommaBear uses brick break to deal a small portion of damage. Druddigon then uses chip away, letting me know this is a fight BigMommaBear can't win. I switch Feltz back in, and Druddigon uses revenge. Feltz uses dragon claw again to defeat Druddigon and the final member of the elite four.

This couldn't have gone any gone any better for me. Defeating the elite four with out losing any one. I heal up my team and switch Big Bob to the front of my team so I'm ready for what ever The Champion throws at me. Tune in Thursday for the finale. Richee

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