Thursday, 26 May 2016

Richee's Pokemon Nuzlocke #15

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After some training on Victory Road, plus a final battle with Serena, I finally made it to the Pokemon League. My team for this endeavour is BigMommaBear on level 58, Lil Layla and Hip Hops on level 59, Feltz on level 66, Tiny Turt on level 71 and Big Bob on level 74. I used the three rare candies I found on Big Bob to get him to level 74. I have the option of which member of the Elite four to face first.
I opt for Malva, who uses fire types, first. Tiny Turt should give me the upper hand in this match. I start with Big Bob, who I taught surf too, and Malva sent out Pyroar. I start with surf, which nearly one hits the Pyroar, who used hyper voice. I try to finish the Pyroar off with a body slam, but Malva uses a full restore. It only delays the inevitable though, as a second body slam finishes Pyroar off. Malva sends out Talonflame next, and I switch in Tiny Turt. Talonflame used bravebird to do some heavy damage to Tiny Turt. I used waterfall, which takes out Talonflame in one hit. Next up is Torkoal. I switch Big Bob back in, as Tiny Turt lost a bit too much life for my liking. Predictably, I start with surf, which does plenty of damage to Torkoal, but doesn't get the one hit KO. Torkoal uses flame wheel to little effect on Big Bob, who uses a second surf to finish of Torkoal. Malva's final pokemon is Chandelure. I switch in Feltz, which back fires as the phantom force doesn't do nearly enough damage, and Chandelure's flamethrower hit Feltz hard. I switch in Tiny Turt to use waterfall and defeat Malva.

So one member of the Elite Four down with no casualties, three more of these so called Elite Four to go. I heal up my team ready for the next battle. Up next is Siebold, who uses water types. This is where an electric type would have come in handy.
First out for Siebold to take on Big Bob is Clawitzer, who attacks first using aura sphere. Its super effective against Big Bob, who luckily paralyses Clawitzer with it's first body slam and finishes him off with a second. Siebold sends out Barbaracle next, so I send in BigMommaBear to see what she can do. One cross chop later BigMommaBear is down to 25 hp and is in a bad way. I switch in Tiny Turt, who takes a cross chop like a champ and hit's two brick breaks in succession to deal with Barbaracle. Gyrados is out next to take on Tiny Turt. I use two ice beams to his two dragon dances, which boosts his stats up more then I would like. I use one more ice beam, but before I go Gyrados uses earthquake, taking Tiny Turt down to 16 hp. Luckily the third ice beam does the trick and Gyrados is down. Siebold's final pokemon is Starmie. I send out Feltz, who earns his place this time around, defeating the Starmie in two hits, once with oblivion wing then a phantom force to defeat Siebold

A couple of close calls, but I'm half way through the Elite Four with no casualties. Hopefully I can make it through the next two in tact to face the champion with a full team. Richee

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