Monday, 23 May 2016

Richee's Pokemon Nuzlocke #14

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The final badge is in my reach. My team to take on Wulfric and his ice types will be Big Bob and Tiny Turt (both on level 64), Feltz (level 57), Hip Hops (level 51), Angelchu (level 50) and Lil Layla (level 48). Wulfric sends out Abomasnow first, who is easily disposed of by Big Bob. Things took a turn for the worse when Cryogonal got sent out second and froze Big Bob with his first ice beam. I recalled Big Bob and sent in Tiny Turt. Wulfric starts to frustrate me with his confuse ray/hail combo, then he uses a hyper potion. I was about to get the final hit, it's a grind but Tiny Turt has the advantage, then another ice beam freezes Tiny Turt. After a few attempts at moves I switch Big Bob back in to see if he can't thaw out. It takes a couple of moves but Bob finally breaks out to hit a body slam on Cryogonal to defeat him.
Wulfric is down to his last 'mon, but my two heavy hitters can't take any more punishment. I have to risk Feltz. He is at a disadvantage, being a flying type, but he is the only one who stands a chance. So out comes Avalugg on level 59, two levels higher then Feltz. I grit my teeth and use dark pulse, and to my surprise the move takes out Avalugg. I release a big sigh of relief and count my lucky stars I got through that match with out losing any of my team.

After healing up my team I ready myself for the long haul of victory road, and I have a chance to catch a couple more pokemons on my way. First up is route 21 where I come across an ace trainer who fancied a battle. For me it was a chance to raise my lower level guys up a bit. Hip Hops took down his Sableye, and then he sent out Crustle, a bug/rock type. Well, I have Angelchu, a water/electric type, so I switch her in to hit a surf on Crustle, who survived the hit to use rock wrecker and one hit Angelchu. After surviving Wulfric I lost a team member to a freaking Crustle! I sent out Hip Hops to finish Crustle off.
I run into the grass hoping for a suitable replacement for Angelchu. A Urasing popped up first. After a little back and fourth I catch her and give her the nickname BigMommaBear. I reached the front gate to find it guarded by another ace trainer. I use my full team this time to easily take him down. I headed into Victory Road, wanting to catch a higher level 'mon to take over from Lil Layla or BigMommaBear. A Druddigon appeared first and would be a useful addition to my team. Unfortunatly Tiny Turt had other ideas, scoring a critical hit and the strength to one hit Druddigon. Nice work, Tiny Turt, that was my last chance to add to my team. Victory Road is long and arduous, but I'll make it to the pokemon league. Richee

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