Thursday, 19 May 2016

Richee's Pokemon Nuzlocke #13

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So with Team Flare taken care of, I can focus on my eighth badge. My team needs strengthening after the recent casualties. First up thought is route 18, which was closed due to Durants, and what do you know? Durant popped up to take on Feltz, who used dark pulse, and the match was over just like that. Now with my chance of catching anything on route 18, I battled my way to Terminus Cave where I got a second chance to catch Durant, and this time Feltz didn't end him instantly and I was able to get the catch. Now with DurDur on my side I searched the cave to find the brick break TM (technical machine), which is a pretty useful move.

Having made it to Courway town I ran into Professor Sycamore, who was waiting for a battle with the soon to be champ. Of course, he was no match for my team and was easily disposed off. After that warm up I headed on to route 19, where the first 'mon to appear was Drapion. After one hit by DurDur, the Drapion had about quarter of it's life left. What should have been an easy catch turned into three wasted ultra balls. I used bug bite to try and weaken it a tiny bit more but just ended up defeating it, letting another chance slip through my fingers to strengthen my team.
So pushing on through route 19 I came across a rickety bridge and Shauna, who fancied her chances at a battle. After an easy win, Tierno and Trevor would challenge me, only to go the same route as the Professor and Shauna. After making it to Snowbelle City I found the gym leader had left his post (so unprofessional). I headed into the winding woods to find the gym leader, plus add to my team. Needing something a little special, I was saddened when an Amoonguss appeared. I caught it with ease anyway, wanting to name it Shitake, but again the name was rejected so Sheetake will have to do.

I finally found my way through the woods to Pokemon Village where unloved and unwanted pokemon go. Ha, should bring Sheetake here, he might like it. With gym leader Wulfric heading back to him gym I had one more chance to add to my team before I faced my final team. I was relieved to have a Zoroark pop up to join my team, and named her Lil Layla after my podcast co-host and all round bumbag. Back in Snowbelle City, I have now to decide on my team. Richee

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