Monday, 16 May 2016

Richee's Pokemon Nuzlocke #12

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LYSANDRE! Your time has come! You can summon your ultimate weapon for all I care, but your douche bag scientist took out Nidoo, and for this you will pay [insert epic battle music here]. First up is Lucha-Rio, going up against Mienshao. Lucha-Rio missed his attack and got obliterated by a high jump kick. First blood goes to Lysandre, and there goes my strongest 'mon. I took down Mienshao with Tiny Turt, but then out comes Gyrados, so I switch to the ever dependable Big Bob. The match goes to the wire, with Gyrados scoring a critical hit with aqua tail, but Big Bob lands the final body slam. His final two pokemon were dispensed of by Tiny Turt, and I head off to find this ultimate weapon.

We came across some Team Flare admins who had the bright idea to fight me. A fully healed Big Bob makes them regret their decision. As I stand in front of the giant dome concealing the weapon, it bursts free, letting out a roar, and comes for my blood. Big Bob hits some big attacks, but the weapon, an Yveltal. does equal damage, plus it revives itself with oblivion wing. I attempt to catch it with an ultra ball but it easily breaks out, hitting Big Bob. I send Tiny Turt out, as Big Bib is low on health, but the first hit on Tiny Turt let's me know he won't last long. I decide to use the master ball to catch Yveltal, needing a flying type plus a replacement for Lucha-Rio.
Lysandre decides he needs his ass kicked again, and is geared up in some gadgets and looking ridiculous. The battle begins and he sends out Mienshao first again, not expecting my latest team member Feltz, who uses the oblivion wing that gave me so much trouble, to end Mienshao in one hit. Lysandre then opts for Pyroar over Gyrados. I decide to try and get my game plan done by sending in Stinger, who knows poison spikes, but it fails as the Pyroar obviously has superior speed fire blasts, and so takes Stinger down with them. I opt for Tiny Turt and surf which takes down Pyroar, then the moment I've been dreading; Mega Gyrados. I go for Big Bob who has downed him twice before. A couple of body slams in and no paralyse, leaving me to realise that Big Bob wouldn't survive this fight, so I switched in Rok-Ting to take the hit, which ended her instantly. Come on then, Feltz, lets see what you can do. Dark aura plus oblivion wing took Mega Gyrados down and left Feltz with enough health to take down Honchkrow.

With Lysandre defeated for a third time he has a little cry, and I head off to get myself my eighth gym badge and to gain my entry to the Elite Four. Richee

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