Thursday, 12 May 2016

Richee's Pokemon Nuzlocke #11

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On to my seventh gym and things couldn't be going better. The seventh gym is a psychic type gym, so I put Big Bob back out front as he seems to be my best bet, as I can't use Nidoo or Lucha-Rio. I battle my way through the gyms maze-like structure until I reach Olympia, the gym leader. She sends out Sigilyph, who falls victim to Big Bobs body slams. Next up is Slowking, and I switch out Big Bob for Sparky so he can use Thunderbolt, which took Slowking down to less than half health. Slowking used psychic which critical hit Sparky and killed him in one hit. That was a massive loss for me, as I needed Sparky for later battles. I send Big Bob back in to deal with Slowking and then Meowstic, defeating Olympia for my seventh badge.

The loss of Sparky is a massive pain in the arse, as up next is Lysandra and his Team Flare nubs. I withdraw Angelchu to replace Sparky and start the long walk back to Lumiose City. I head down route 16, hoping a flying type pops up first (as walking every where is a pain), or a Pumpkaboo (sigh). I knocked the Pumpkaboo out accidentally, but I never would have used him anyway. So I reach the coffee shop where Team Flare hang out, and after battering the owner I head into a secret door where I run into Lysandra, who wants a battle. I sweep him aside, all except his Gyarados who pushes Big Bob and Tiny Turt to their limits.
While battling Team Flare, Angelchu evolved into Lanturn, and Hip Hops got his first taste of battle at level 42, and he defeated a Drapion on level 48. I find the tall guy in a cell, and he babbles for ages about a pokemon war and how he lost his way. I slip into a boredom coma but come out of it to find some guy called Xerosic guarding the mysterious ultimate weapon. I batter his Crobat with Big Bob and leave Big Bob out to take on Malamar. One superpower later and Big Bob is not looking good. Body slam does damage but he won't survive another superpower. I switch in Nidoo hoping she has the edge on speed, and she takes superpower like a champ. Unfortunately, Malamar had the speed to hit psycho cutter before Nidoo could do anything, killing her and making my team that much weaker. I send out Tiny Turt who's strength is enough to finish of Malamar.

Xerosic then shafted me by activating the ultimate weapon any way, producing a giant crystal flower at Geoseng City. The long track ahead is gonna be a nightmare. I head to the daycare to see how Doofy and Stinger are doing. They're only level 32 though, which is pretty useless, nice work daycare.......NOT. Team Flare were blocking off Cyllage City, so I had to take the super long route round. When I finally arrive, Serena is waiting to help me take down Team Flare. They will pay for taking out Nidoo. Richee

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