Monday, 9 May 2016

Richee's Pokemon Nuzlocke #10

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Now with six badges in hand, I set of down route 15 to see what I can catch. Plus the lost hotel is round here, so I should be able to grab another 'mon from there. It didn't take long for a Pawniard to appear and get a new home in a pokeball - Lil Stabby is now the latest member to the PC crew. So having defeated all the trainers, I headed into the lost hotel where I saw a shaking dustbin. I crossed my fingers that it's not a Trubbish and open the bin to find a Rotom. He joins the team with little fight. I try to name him Totie, but I'm not allowed to for some reason? So I named him Rotie instead.

After being kicked out of the lost hotel for not looking cool enough by some punks, I head into Dendemille town to check out Rotie and Lil Stabby, only to find their stats and nature aren't great, so I stick with my current team. Apparently something is going on at the Frost Cavern, which old muggins here has to sort out. Heading into the Cavern I come across a Haunter, which as my first 'mon I'm pretty happy about it. Haunter is bad ass, but I always found it disappointing that you had to trade him to get Gengar. I catch the Haunter making him the latest edition to my team: everyone welcome Tongue Face to the team (named by Layla, btw).
Heading further into the Cavern I find Team Flare being douche bags again, this time harassing an Abomasnow. After dealing with these jokers they fled the Cavern and Hip Hops evolved into Hippowdon. With that minor nuisance taken care of I carry on to route 17 where I get to ride a Mamoswine through the snow. I came across my fourth possible new team member (they are coming thick and fast at the moment) Delibird, who would definitely be a PC bench warmer, went up against Nidoo. One poison jab later the Delibird is down for the count and I lose the chance to catch any thing down route 17.

While travelling down route 17, Lucha-Rio is the first member of my core team to hit level fifty. I reach Anistar City, where I'm given a TM (a technical machine for you noobs) which contained flamethrower at the pokemon centre, and I batter Serena for what feels like the hundredth time. With my team fully healed I head to the seventh gym ready to get my seventh badge. Richee

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