Thursday, 26 May 2016

Richees Best and Worst Extreme Rules Moments

Shock of the night - Nothing really overly shocking happened on the night, I suppose Xavier Woods being in the tag team title match over Kofi Kingston was a bit of a head itcher. But it also added it's tense moments, as it was Xavier who got pinned last time the New Day lost their titles, and when the Vaudevillains hit the whirling dervish on Woods, my heart skipped a beat thinking they just lost the titles. Woods, however, kicked out, and thanks to a timely trouble in paradise by Kofi, Xavier hit the shining wizard for the pinfall victory.

Match of the Night - This is an easy one; the fatal four way match for the Intercontinental championship was amazing. Everybody in the match looked as Miz would say AWESOME, from the multiple amazing spots and close calls. It went down to the wire as Sami hit the helluva kick on Cesaro to get the pin broken up by Owen. Then in a rage Sami would throw Owens around on the outside of the ring as Miz climbed into the ring to pin the downed Cesaro to retain his title.

Rage Inducing Moment of the Night - Again, this was a pretty solid show, and my rage inducing moment is a bit silly, but hear me out. Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho in the asylum match was possibly the worst match of the night, but was still a good match that I enjoyed. The cage they were locked in had weapons hanging above it and they used every weapon up there, except one the most important one in my opinion. Mitch the plant pot should have been the difference maker in my opinion. It was a silly gimmick, but it worked and felt it would have gone over well. Dean getting the win with Mitch would have got revenge over Jericho for smashing him in the first place, but instead we got the dirty deeds for the win instead. Urgh.

Moment of the Night - Rusev becoming the US champion again. The Bulgarian brute is back, and back with a vengence, in a brutal match with Kalisto. The brute would slam Kalisto on the ring apron from the top rope, causing the referee to try and check on Kalisto, only for Rusev to pull him back into the ring and applying the accolade for the submission win.

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