Monday, 16 May 2016

DVD Roundup: Costume edition

While Tobe Hooper's The Danish Girl is a great film, it unfortunately plays up the "period drama" aspect a bit too much, which it looking a little too lush in its costumes and settings. I'm not criticising these aspects per say, they where great, its just that they are little overwhelming to a story that should of first priority. Starring Eddie Redmayne as Lili Elbe, the precipitant of the first gender reassignment surgery, The Danish Girl can come across as a little melodramatic for some, but is worth a watch for the previously mentioned artistic styling's, and hopefully inspire others to put trans issues, and trans actors, in mainstream cinema. Listen to our podcast review in the player below, and check out L.J. Spence's review here.

With a name like Adonis, how could Michael B. Jordan's character in Creed not become a boxer? This latest instalment in the Rocky franchise sees Sylvester Stallone become coach to the son of the late Apollo Creed, who never knew his father but still has the desire to box in his blood. With a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this films looks set to be the best Rocky film since the first one. Actually, the original Rocky has a score of 93% at the moment. Weird.

How many more films can there be about ageing men taking bloody vengeance, that also happen to have mysterious pasts? Its John Travolta's turn this time, and he's going after the killers of his wife. I Am Wrath is quite possibly just a Taken rip-off, but one thing always bothers me about these films: do these people that commit these "vengeance crimes" ever go to jail?

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