Tuesday, 10 May 2016

DVD PUNCH UP: Daddy's Home vs. Yakuza Apocalypse - Podcast review out now

This weeks episode is a DVD punch up between two of last weeks at home releases. First up we review the latest film from one of Japan's most prolific directors Takeshi Miike Yakuza Apocalypse. Starring Hayato Ichihara as a yakuza turned vampire, he is up against The Raid's Yayan Ruhian, who is sent to kill him in a film that is unexpected surreal. Next up is last years feel good Christmas caper Daddy's Home, directed by Sean Anders, and starring Will Ferrell as the kind hearted step father to alpha male Mark Wahlberg's kids. In this review we look at the action and the comedy and wonder, which one of these would win in a fight? Listen on to find out what we think.

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